ComicsVerse has the exclusive preview for THE FLASH #38, hitting a shelf near you on January 10th!

Previously in THE FLASH, Kid Flash teamed up with our titular hero to pursue a lead regarding the death of Turbine. Turbine was a member of a villainous squad known as the Rogues. Though each member of the squad maintains different personalities and abilities, they each share a distaste towards The Flash.

Interestingly, the lead was provided by none other than Godspeed. So, it is no surprise that Flash was a little suspicious about it. Regardless, he ultimately decides to ignore his trepidation and pursues the lead. This proves to be a fateful decision. The Flash falls into a deadly trap set up by none other than Captain Cold.

Captain Cold is without a doubt one of The Flash’s most recognizable adversaries. The character made his debut in June of 1957 and has since maintained a significant presence as a DC Comics villain for generations in both comic book and live action mediums. He has most recently been portrayed by actor Wentworth Miller in THE FLASH television series.

So, in regard to the events of THE FLASH #37, what has become of the Scarlet Speedster?

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In THE FLASH #38, the adventure continues! In the finale for “A Cold Day in Hell”, Turbine’s murderer is still at large and Flash is still on the hunt for him. There is one small problem though. Flash is currently caught in Captain Cold’s trap within Iron Heights!

So, will The Flash be able to overcome these new, chilling challenges?

The preview for THE FLASH #38 reveals an exciting introduction for the issue! From artist Scott Kolins’ vibrant imagery to writer Joshua Williamson’s thrilling narrative, this upcoming issue seems to be one you do not want to miss!

So, can’t wait until January 10th? Check out ComicsVerse’s image gallery below!

THE FLASH #38 Exclusive Preview

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