James Tynion IV

James Tynion IV is a writer who clearly loves his job. And how could he not? He has quietly been dominating the world of comics with numerous horror books from Boom! Studios and a lengthy resume in his time at DC Comics. His passion for comics comes through in our interview where we discuss his new Boom! Studios book THE BACKSTAGERS as well as his work on DETECTIVE COMICS.

THE BACKSTAGERS is the perfect book for any theater nerd comic book fans. It’s a mystery revolving around a backstage crew that gets into classic young adult style mysteries and adventures. James Tynion IV’s passion comes from his personal experiences as a high school theater kid, but also as a book that contains young queer characters. It should be obvious that representation of this type is necessary. Both comics and theater provide outcasts with a place to find common minded friends. A book that combines both and gives representation to the queer community? That’s a recipe for a winner.

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James Tynion IV has also written just about every Batman character you can imagine. He has done work on most of the major Batman titles as well as weekly books like BATMAN AND ROBIN ETERNAL. James Tynion IV gave us some insights into DETECTIVE COMICS which is taking shape as a team book featuring Batman, Batwoman, Robin, Spoiler, Orphan, and, believe it or not, Clayface. We discussed his choices in characters and his plans for the future of the book. Because of his experience with so many Bat-characters, we also played a quick word association game featuring the Bat-characters in question.

Finally, Tynion takes some time to give us his assessment of the state of queer representation in modern comics and tells us how he believes the industry has advanced and how it can still move forward into the future.

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