Phil Jimenez interview at Flame Con 2

Comic book conventions open many doorways for those who want to discuss the process, the business, and the appreciation of visual storytelling. Conventions like 2016’s Flame Con 2 do that and much more, housing big names like Phil Jimenez, a former Marvel artist who is now writing and drawing for DC Rebirth’s SUPERWOMAN. In this Phil Jimenez interview, Phil encompasses the spirit of Flame Con with his cultural sensitivity the celebrates the inclusivity of a community of queer storytellers.

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Appropriately, in this Phil Jimenez interview, we discover his great joy of working with writer Grant Morrison in NEW X-MEN, a Marvel story that includes the trials and victories of a group of marginalized mutants. When discussing past and present projects, it’s clear, in this Phil Jimenez interview, he has an extraordinarily high level of self-awareness. His personal responsibility and commitment never fail to come through in his work. Not only does he believe in proper representation of women and minorities in whatever story he tells, but he is also very passionate about stepping aside, allowing for all marginalized groups a platform to tell their own authentic stories that find success in their own voice.

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Rarely does one get the chance to talk to a comic book auteur in a conversation as genuine at this interview. What came through was the connection between interviewer and interviewee: a love of storytelling.

It’s comforting to know people like Phil Jimenez are creating authentic stories about and for the masses, with all our quirks and differences celebrated! If you ever need an interview that best outlines what we love to do and what we stand for at ComicsVerse, you’ve found it in this Phil Jimenez interview at Flame Con 2!

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