Over the past few years, we have seen a whole lot of comic book franchises come to the big screen. With all the ones that made it to the big screen, there are a plethora of proposed films that got canceled before they ever had the chance to fly into theaters for millions of fans to see. One of the more recent big name superhero films to be canceled is George Miller’s JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL from 2009.

The film was canceled in an attempt to prevent the confusion of fans due to the fact that Batman, who was a leading player in the film, was starring in his own trilogy at the time. Christopher Nolan’s DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY was still going, and Warner Bros. thought that it would create a lot of confusion amongst fans as to why there were two different Batmen onscreen.

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What if, a few years down the road, DC dove into the idea of DC films that do not take place in the DCEU canon, meaning they do not affect the timeline? Stories completely separate from the main lore that allow creative freedoms that were not allowed before?


Way back in 1989, DC Comics started the “Elseworlds” imprint. All the stories released under this imprint were stand alone. In other words, they held no consequence over the main DC universe story.

If DC decided to make Elseworlds movies, here are five films that we would love to see!



Just recently, there were rumors that DC was looking into adapting Mark Millar’s insanely popular Superman story, SUPERMAN: RED SON. In the story, Kal-El’s ship lands in Soviet Russia in the late 1920’s instead of Smallville, Kansas. He grows up to become the Soviet Unions secret weapon in the Cold War.

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The story also includes different versions of Wonder Woman, Batman, Brainiac and Lex Luthor. Exploring an alternate history of the DC Universe with a dictator Superman would be incredible to see on the big screen.


The script was pretty damn good, the cast was great, but the director was LEGENDARY. George Miller, director of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, was robbed of his chance to direct his Justice League film back in 2009. Now that Warner Bros. has seen what masterpieces he is capable of after the Mad Max sequel had incredible critical and fan reception, they would allow him to finally make his own Justice League film with no strings attached to the main DCEU canon.

Justice League Mortal

Australian director, Ryan Unicomb, had begun working on a documentary about the film’s cancellation in 2015. Unicomb was shut down by Warner Bros. early in the production. There were concerns the documentary would release too close to this Fall’s JUSTICE LEAGUE. They didn’t want the documentary to confuse audiences about the Zack Snyder’Joss Whedon film.

The costumes were made, the script is online, but we are still so far from ever seeing anything from it. DC has the power to revive this project as an Elseworlds film if they so choose.



Little known fact, before Christopher Nolan was brought in to reboot the Batman franchise in 2005’s BATMAN BEGINS, there was talk of a live-action Batman Beyond film. Batman Beyond, for those unaware, is the 1999 cartoon about the Batman of the future.

50 years in the future, Bruce Wayne has retired and trained a new Batman to take his place. Terry McGuiness was a teenager when his father was murdered by the Joker gang. After accidentally stumbling into the Batcave and finding a new, high-tech Batsuit, he took on the mantle as Neo Gotham’s new Dark Knight.

The cartoon was insanely popular, and the character has been folded into DC Comics main continuity since then. Batman Beyond is a property that would do insanely well now, as 90s nostalgia is at its peak and the futuristic tech-noir films like GHOST IN THE SHELL and BLADE RUNNER 2049 are putting a huge spotlight on the genre. It is hard to imagine a world where Batman Beyond live action does not make crazy money. Especially if they were to attach a director like Neill Blomkamp (DISTRICT 9, ELYSIUM) or Denis Villeneuve (ARRIVAL, BLADE RUNNER 2049) to the project.



The late Darwyn Cooke’s masterpiece, DC: THE NEW FRONTIER, revolved around DC’s Golden Age & Silver Age heroes. It took place in the 1950’s and builds a bridge between two generations. The classic style of art and the Cold War setting made for a brilliant story. It could be a very stylish and fun period piece. It has a lot of potential for a feature film adaption and fans of the book would love this tribute to Cooke’s work.



The incredibly popular 2013 game by Netherealm, INJUSTICE, revolves around a split Justice League with Batman leading one side and Superman leading the other. The Joker tricked Superman into killing Lois Lane and his unborn child and in turn, nuking Metropolis. Superman cracks and begins to kill all criminals violently. His Regime is almost unstoppable, but Batman’s Insurgency aims to stop Superman’s killing spree and end his dictatorship over the world.

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The story was fleshed out not just in the game, but through an entire comic series. The sequel only added more to the already great lore of this alternate world. Something like this would be insane to see on the big screen. It would also be cool to not affect the entire continuity of the other films in the process. This is a great standalone story that has already proven successful in video games and comics. A live action adaptation could be a success for DC.

Stand Alones Will Stand Out

DC has an opportunity to do something with their films that Marvel Studios doesn’t even seem to have any interest in. While everyone is scrambling to get a Cinematic Universe off the ground, DC could have it’s DCEU and Elseworlds. DC could take risks with Elseworlds in ways that they simply cannot do with the constraints of continuity that the DCEU and MCU have to uphold.

It also draws audiences who are getting sick of the serialized format that movies are taking now. DC has the potential to do something unique and give the diehard fans a treat while also drawing new audiences. What are some more Elseworlds type films that you think DC should make? Let me know in the comments down below!

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