WONDER TWINS #1 is worth checking out. These classic Hanna-Barbera characters have been dusted off and given a fresh coat of paint. The lighthearted humor in this issue is an absolute delight.
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Form of twin power! Shape of a new comic! Writer Mark Russell brings us a revamped story featuring classic Hanna-Barbera characters and the Wonder Twins. Follow twins Zan and Jayna as they navigate life on Earth and try to survive high school. With vibrant visuals by Stephen ByrneWONDER TWINS #1 is definitely worth checking out.

Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

WONDER TWINS #1 opens with the twins as the new kids in school. While Jayna handles the school announcements, Zan gives a presentation on his home planet to his class. Struggling to adjust to life on Earth, the Wonder Twins have trouble fitting in. Maybe they’ll have better luck at the Hall of Justice. That’s right, the Wonder Twins are interning for the Justice League. While they tour the Hall of Justice with Superman, there is a red alert of a temporal disturbance. That can’t be good. It looks like Mister Mxyzptlk, an impish trickster, is causing trouble in the city. Zan and Jayna are left sitting on the sidelines. At least they make friends with the supercomputer.

WONDER TWINS #1 Page 3. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.
WONDER TWINS #1 Page 3. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

After that, the next day at school Zan suffers from total embarrassment and is ridiculed by the entire school. Let’s just say it was an incident involving puberty. Confiding in members of the Justice League, they tell the twins cringy stories from their teenage years. Batman even had an embarrassing nickname when he was in high school.

So, will the Wonder Twins survive being Earth teenagers? Will another Hanna-Barbera character make an appearance? And will the Wonder Twins team up with the Justice League? We’ll have to wait for the next chapter to find out.

The Wonderful Wonder Twins

WONDER TWINS #1 puts Zan and Jayna in the spotlight. Both have this teenage awkwardness about them, making them feel real and relatable to a younger audience. And yet, the individual personalities are highlighted in this issue. Jayna is sarcastic and sharp, while Zan is dorky and eager to be cool. While they do work best as a duo, the Wonder Twins are still interesting characters when they are separated from one another. Visually, the twins have undergone a modern makeover in WONDER TWINS #1. Their iconic purple uniforms pop right off the page. The artwork breathes new life into the Wonder Twins. Also, they have this captivating, sibling chemistry that I love. Their playful banter is endearing. Zan and Jayna are both the stars of the show in WONDER TWINS #1.

WONDER TWINS #1 Page 5. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.
WONDER TWINS #1 Page 5. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Not So Super Story

With both interesting points and dull points, the overall story of WONDER TWINS #1 was bittersweet for me. Yes, the plot may be an overdone premise. Oddball aliens adjust to living on Earth — it’s an overused story. Because of the cliché plot, some moments in this issue felt predictable and left me uninterested. However, WONDER TWINS #1 has lighthearted humor strung throughout the comic that I truly enjoyed. Like jokes about Zan only being able to transform into water were hilarious. Young readers will relate to the Wonder Twins dealing with teenage angst and awkwardness. Despite the hackneyed storyline, WONDER TWINS #1 is saved by its wholesome comedy.

Finals Thoughts on WONDER TWINS #1

Forget about the grainy cartoon from the ’70s, WONDER TWINS#1 is a fresh take on these classic Hanna-Barbera characters. Diving deep into these characters, Zan and Jayna look and feel completely revamped in this new series. It’s wonderful to see the twins as both a duo and as individuals. The lighthearted comedy of this issue is truly a delight.

Also, the visuals by Stephen Byrne are awesome. There’s a refreshing vibrancy in WONDER TWINS #1. The colors are bold and eye-catching. Zan and Jayna’s new appearance is like a fresh coat of paint on these iconic characters. Even the Justice League has a youthful glow around them in this comic. I adore the golden yellow background when the Wonder Twins fist bump and say their catchphrases. Overall, WONDER TWINS #1 is a visual treat.

Incorporating the Justice League into this story is a brilliant idea. Justice League acting as mentors gives these adolescent heroes the support and guidance they need. Hopefully there will be a Justice League and Wonder Twin team up in future issues. All in all, WONDER TWINS #1 is a decent comic and is worth checking.

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