For the first time ever, the Korean manhwa adaption of the origin of Ultron, enemy of the Avengers, will soon be available as Marvel Comics introduces “AVENGERS K”! It’s Marvels brand new publishing initiative and they have announced they will be bringing these exciting manhwa adaptions to English speaking audiences!

Here’s what Marvel had to say about this new venture:

As Marvel continues to take the world by storm and expand across the globe, witness your favorite Marvel characters as told by some of the leading South Korean artists and writers. Leading Korean Manhwa Publisher Daweon C.I.’s best-selling adaptations of iconic Avengers tales, available to even more comic fans around the world. A now famous Avengers story, witness the rise of the deadly robot Ultron, reimagined and retold in thrilling South Korean manhwa style!

“Marvel’s popularity is growing exponentially throughout Asia – specifically within Korea – which has resulted in a vast catalog of visually kinetic original content,” said David Gabriel, Marvel SVP, Print & Digital Publishing. “Now, partnered with Daewon, Marvel is poised to introduce the international comic book community a bold reimagining of one of the most iconic Avengers stories ever told through the vibrant and action-packed manhwa format presented for our English-speaking fans for the very first time.”

Scientist Hank Pym sets out to create the world’s first artificial intelligence. Instead, he creates a monster. Enter Ultron! But one diabolical robot isn’t enough: When Ultron in turn creates the Vision, the Avengers are really in trouble. Together, the pair is poised to destroy the Avengers — and the world. But wait! Who is the Bride of Ultron? What happens next is a tale beloved around the world — with a story telling flair distinctive to a South Korean style!

The first title in a five book series, AVENGERS K presents Daewon C.I.’s manhwa original Korean content that reimagines one of the most historic Avengers stories of all time for a whole new audience.



Judging by the previews alone, this looks like it will whet the appetite of any manhwa, manga and Marvel fan! This exciting new series will be available in May 2016. For all you impatient fans out there, it’s available now for pre-order.


Writer: Si Yeon Park

Translator: Ji Eun Park

Artists: Woo Bin Choi with Jae Sung Lee, Min Ju Lee, Jae Woong Lee, Hee Ye Cho, Ji Hee Choi & In Young Lee

168 Pages …$24.99

ISBN: 978-1-302-90099-1

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