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Get your LEGION fix with ComicsVerse’s exclusive preview for LEGION #5, hitting stands May 23rd!

You may have heard the story of David Haller. You may have witnessed it through the hit FX television series, LEGION. But do you truly know the whole story?

As the illegitimate son of Charles Xavier, David Haller possesses innumerable abilities, some of which he cannot even control. From telekinesis to the possession of multiple personas, David is without a doubt a threat you do not want to mess with!

However, despite his formidable and seemingly unstoppable abilities, there are those who wish to take David’s powers for themselves — even if that threat comes from within David’s own mind.

Thus, from acclaimed writer Peter Milligan and artists Wilfredo Torres and Dan Brown comes the latest adventure for David Haller in LEGION #5. The villainous Lord Trauma, an alternate personality who began haunting David in LEGION #1, is making his final move as he attempts to end David once and for all!

Though Lord Trauma’s threat is imminent, Dr. Hannah Jones has a plan. From within David’s mindscape, she is attempting to assemble all of David’s personas in an effort to defeat Lord Trauma. However, this plan is not one to be accomplished with ease. The effort to unite David’s personas will not only impact David but also Dr. Jones herself.

So, the question that remains is, will this plan succeed?

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ComicsVerse has the exclusive first look at the highly anticipated finale in LEGION #5. From creepy, killer babies to a stand-off between David and Lord Trauma himself; the latest in LEGION seems to be one you do not want to miss.

So, scroll down to get a sneak peek at what lies ahead in LEGION’s epic finale before it hits a comic book store near you on May 23rd!

LEGION #5 Exclusive Preview

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