The Dark Knight finds himself spiraling into feudal Japan in this new sneak peek of BATMAN NINJA! The action-packed anime feature has already gathered tons of attention since its release at New York Comic Con. At that time, fans were simultaneously intrigued, confused, and eager to see more of a BATMAN inspired anime. And who could blame them? BATMAN movies are some of the most entertaining superhero films. To combine Japanese stylings with an American hero certainly is a tempting venture. On top of that, the project has attracted both anime and DC fans alike to see the epic genre crossover.

For those unfamiliar with the BATMAN NINJA film, the animated project stars an anime Batman and nearly every one of his antagonists in feudal Japan. Rather than villains controlling private forces or Gotham’s underground, they control land. That’s right, your favorite baddies are feudal lords that control divided and contested lands. Batman’s role, rather than simply saving townspeople, becomes revolutionary. He ends up being the de facto leader of an anti-feudal resistance force. The Joker takes control over the warring feudal factions, and Batman must defeat him to restore peace to the land. But doing that and returning to Gotham is not an easy task. He exhausts his futuristic weaponry almost instantly. Thus, he must learn to fight using more conventional means, like a katana.

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An Exciting Early Look

This early look at the film comes from Warner Brothers. Fans of AFRO SAMURAI will appreciate that the head of character design from that anime, Takashi Okazaki, designed the look for this new Batman. The film is written by Kazuki Nakashima (KILL LA KILL) and directed by Junpei Mizusaki (JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE). Check out the fresh new look below:

In the sneak peek, Batman faces off against Gorilla Grodd before a mysterious device triggers. That device seems to be the way Batman and the villains of Arkham Asylum travel back in time, but we don’t know much else. If this teaser is indicative of the film’s final quality, I’m super impressed. Movements are crisp, colors are sharp, and Batman looks as cool as ever.

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More to Look Forward to in BATMAN NINJA

The BATMAN NINJA film releases digitally on April 24, and on Blu-ray/DVD May 8. While this certainly won’t be the Dark Knight’s first foray into the world of animated media, it is the first major cinematic anime project. This kind of ambitious mix of many genres is a super new concept. Hopefully, this film will inspire even more crossovers so we can see some of our favorite DC heroes in anime styling.

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Featured image from Youtube.

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