ELECTRIC WARRIORS #6 by Steve Orlando, Travel Foreman, and Hi-Fi
Steve Orlando delivers a satisfying ending to the saga of the Electric Warriors, sprinkling in DC lore from all over its massive timeline. Artist Travel Foreman gives focus to the battle and lets the dialogue breathe. Great miniseries for fans of DC lore!
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Warriors Triumphant!
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ELECTRIC WARRIORS has taken us on a journey into the future, showing us the aftermath of the Great Disaster, and how Earth rebuilds. We’ve experienced the new future from the eyes of Ian Navarro, who has become the Electric Warrior War Cry. Writer Steve Orlando‘s run with the Electric Warriors culminates in an explosive battle in ELECTRIC WARRIORS #6.

Luthor Revealed in ELECTRIC WARRIORS #6

ELECTRIC WARRIORS #6 picks up from the dramatic events of the last issue, where the Warriors band together to reveal the Lord Imperceptor’s dastardly deeds: he’s been selling Electric Warriors on the Black Market. The Lord Imperceptor is revealed to be Firestorm, but it’s not Professor Stein.

Lex Luthor usurped the Firestorm Matrix and used molecular Kryptonite to weaken Superman Prime and bond with him. Using the combined power of Superman and Firestorm, Lex conquered worlds and created the Covenant and the Electric Warriors. Now, his creations stand against him, and his empire is on a precarious edge. Lex recruited Ian’s brother Oscar and gave him his own Electric Seed, giving him powers.

Brother vs. Brother

ELECTRIC WARRIORS #6 Page 1. Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Electric Warriors split up with specific tasks. Ian squares off with his brother Oscar. Meanwhile, Cheleyns-Wann the Dominator takes on Luthor, and the others attempt to revive a severely weakened Kal-El. As the brothers fight, Ian tries to reason with Oscar, and explain to him that Oscar was right. The Electric Warriors and their contests were right and noble, but that the system under Lex was corrupt. Oscar surprises Ian with slight differences in his powers.

Cheleyns-Wann uses the threat of a gene bomb to mollify Luthor, while the other Warriors manage to revive Kal-El. In the ultimate show of understanding and sacrifice, Ian opens himself up for a killing blow from Oscar, who finally sees his brother’s intent and relents. Peace is had, and it’s a peace that isn’t corrupt or unearned. Superman gives the group his blessing before returning to his solar fortress. The Electric Warriors form a new council, and the challenges go on as before, except the Warriors make all of the decisions. The Warriors lead an intergalactic council, and we see the possible beginnings of the political environs of the 31st century that the Legion of Super-Heroes enjoys.

Orlando Delivers a Satisfying Conclusion to ELECTRIC WARRIORS

Writer Steve Orlando does a great job concluding the ELECTRIC WARRIORS miniseries. Orlando effectively created a mystery in the identity of Firestorm, and what the dark truth behind the Electric Warriors was. Orlando’s conclusion was incredibly satisfying and effectively set up future events. We got a glimpse of the future that’s hinted at in Grant Morrison’s DC ONE MLLION. The Golden Superman Prime, the original, makes an appearance. It’s also great to see the formation of an early version of the United Planets, which is a nod to the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The heart of ELECTRIC WARRIORS has been Ian Navarro’s journey, and how he’s grown. Ian went from an angry young man, still mad at the animals of Earth for his treatment during the Great Disaster. Ian’s anger and love for his brother pushed him to replace Oscar. The journey Ian made, posing as Oscar, changed him, and made him a much better person. It was great to go along that journey with him and to see him make something of himself, as the Electric Warrior and representative of Earth on the new Council.

Travel Foreman Finishes Strong

ELECTRIC WARRIORS #6 Page 4. Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Artist Travel Foreman finishes off the series in dramatic fashion, primarily in illustrating the dramatic showdown. Foreman does well, giving us dynamic figures and exciting visuals. His backgrounds, as always, are a bit sparse, but the dialogue and the fighting are center stage. That’s what’s important, above all. Foreman knows what the focus of each scene is, and does a great job of framing the action and highlighting what is most important.

Colorist Hi-Fi does a great job with their color palette, as the future is very neon bright. At times the colors get a bit murky and muddy, but I think that’s the intended effect. Given the darker nature of the story, and the mystery, it’s a nice juxtaposition. Things are colorful and bright, but there’s a murky undertone in the world of ELECTRIC WARRIORS.


ELECTRIC WARRIORS was a great ride into the future. DC has always had fun with its future. ELECTRIC WARRIORS let us see what happens when the heroes we all know and love are gone. ELECTRIC WARRIORS took some chances with those beloved characters, but also kept close to established timelines from works like KAMANDI and DC ONE MILLION. Steve Orlando and Travel Foreman delivered a fun story, and I look forward to whatever this creative team does in the future.

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