Ok, It’s time for the BLACK PANTHER film to officially come out. Seriously, it’s time. We’ve been teased enough. But fear not dear reader, it’s only 38 more days until the film is released. So go to sleep and not only will you be closer to the weekend, you’ll be a month and a week away from this seemingly great film’s premiere.

Side note, the fact that Marvel is starting their film season early is crazy. I mean, it’s not that crazy when you look at their schedule, but it’s clear from that said schedule that they don’t want anything stepping on INFINITY WAR’s toes. But enough about the rest of Marvel’s schedule. You could have a premature baby in the time between now and June. Let’s talk about BLACK PANTHER and this final trailer drop.


BLACK PANTHER Observations:

So unlike my last trailer analysis, the majority of the article won’t be spent making predictions. In fact, it’s going to be much shorter. Not only can I not be spoiling the vast majority of the film with my brilliant insight, but this is the third trailer. How much more can be said (plus they didn’t really give us anything)?

  1.  Stupidly unnecessary winter coat aside, Kendrick is fucking fire, and the soundtrack for this movie is going to be dope. This seems to be a running theme with MCU films for the last couple of years. Don’t agree with me? Leave your address in the comments, and we’ll fight.
  2. Micheal B. Jordan is going to make a dope Erik Killmonger.
  3. That trailer told us nothing. Which is good in a sense, you don’t want the actual film wrecked by the trailer. Let’s be honest, was that just clips we’ve seen put together in another order? Look, I get it why they would do that but come on Disney, if you’re going to create some hype for a trailer, at least give us something.

In Retrospect…

Finally, and this has nothing to do with the MCU; I’m so tired of Alabama winning all of these national titles. Anyone else? Probably not. Probably a different audience right? Go Georgia!

PS. If you want some actual Black Panther trailer analysis, click here, and here and here.

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