Every Comic Con has an artist alley filled with wonderfully talented artists, selling their work to admirers. Special Edition: NYC 2015 wasn’t any different. As I walked through the rows of artists, I felt like a kid in a candy store. My heart was pumping with excitement and suddenly I fell in love. One booth, that of Felipe Echevarria, caught my eye. He is a traditional painter, which is rarely seen in cons now a days because of digital art. I started talking to him about his art and how his signature piece is of a woman and how she is used to empower women. My Feminist heart skipped a beat. He said that no man has ever bought that piece, only women did. And I was one of the women who bought that piece.

The way he portrays women in his paintings is beautiful. They are regal and strong in their message. Even Princess Leia made an appearance, but not in her gold bikini, but a modest white dress. He truly wishes for there to be a role model for young girls and women in today’s society. His art isn’t only for the sake of art, his pieces have messages attached to them. He may not sell art related to specific comic books, but his work is important because of these messages he puts in his pieces.

I kept going back to him on Saturday and on Sunday, I finally gained the courage to ask him for an interview. He was excited and happy to do it and he made my first interview experience memorable. My two loves, art and feminism were placed together to create the ultimate experience for me. I hope the viewers enjoy watching and listening to this interview as much as I enjoyed conducting it.

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