fear the walking dead

Previously on FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, we found our survivors stuck dead in the water. Quite literally, in a sense, since a walker was stuck in the valve underneath the yacht, forcing the boat to stop for repairs.  The group noticed a plane wreck on shore and searched the area for supplies. They bumped into a character from the web series, FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: FLIGHT 462, named Alex. She was being followed by several walkers, but the group was saved by a blood-covered Nick. Back on the boat, Strand refused to allow Alex on board, as he plans to travel to his safe house in Mexico.

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“Blood in the Streets”  is my favorite episode of the series so far. We get answers to many of the questions the show has been posing in Season 2. As I anticipated in the last two weeks of episode reviews, the group I have been referring to as the “Pirates” arrived to take over the boat. The writing for this sequence was especially well done. The Pirates get to the yacht under the pretense that one of them is having complications with their pregnancy and they need immediate help. Once they get on board, they are able to disarm the survivors, bind them, and hold them at gun point.

fear the walking dead

At a disadvantage to the Pirates, Strand abandons the yacht and flees on a raft. However, that isn’t the last we see of the character in “Blood in the Streets”. In flashback sequences, we get the back-story of Strand, a character who has been interestingly mysterious throughout the series. It turns out that Strand met and then robbed a man named Thomas Abigail (played by Doughy Scott), which is where the origin of the yacht’s name came from. Abigail found Strand, and instead of getting retribution, he “obligated” him to become a business partner. Then the partnership evolves into a romantic relationship between the two (best meet cute ever?). I love these reveals about Strand and the layers it gives to the character as a whole. He wants to get to Mexico not just to get to safety, but also to get to Thomas. Our perception of the character is changed a bit, as his selfishness and cold attitude now seem understandable.

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The strong character development goes further than just with Strand. In “Blood in the Streets,” Madison, Alicia, and Travis figure out how to be manipulative in the face of danger. It’s great to see this type of behavior from them because thus far, they have been naïve and weak by THE WALKING DEAD standards. Travis tries to buy time and get a weapon while starting the boat for the Pirates. Meanwhile, Madison buys time by annoying the pregnant Pirate about her pregnancy. As for Alicia, she attempts to gain favor with the Pirates, who we find out are being led by a man named Connor and secures safety for her family by telling Jack, the guy Alicia talks to on the radio in “Monster,” that she will be with him.

fear the walking dead

The ending to the episode works very well. Nick goes off on a mission from Strand, smothered in walker guts, to find Strand’s friend (and Thomas’ “brother”) Louis Flores, who is seen in the flashbacks. Flores is vital to the story, since he is Strand’s (and therefore the group’s) way into Mexico, and he comes in to save the day by shooting a couple of the Pirates.

fear the walking dead

I look forward to the conflict with the Pirates in the coming episodes of season 2. They are holding onto Travis and Alicia because they consider them necessary people that they need in this new world. They like that Travis can fix things and Jack wants Alicia. Obviously, Madison, Nick, and Chris want their family back, but it’ll be interesting to see where the rest of the group stands on the issue. Strand is only looking to get to Mexico, and Salazar only cares for himself and his daughter Ophelia, so whether there will be any help from Strand or Salazar will probably be up for debate.

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