Our favorite prequel TV series to THE WALKING DEAD, FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, is back with its’ second season! THE WALKING DEAD just wrapped up with its’ season six finale last week, but we don’t have to go long without some walkers. To fill our need for zombies, FEAR THE WALKING DEAD season two is giving us fifteen brand spanking new episodes.

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As a recap, season one of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD gave us the very beginning to the world of THE WALKING DEAD. In only six episodes, we see the development of the outbreak and the world’s response to the it through the lives of Travis Manawa and Madison Clark, played by Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens respectively, and their extended family. After a few cases of the dead coming back to life, the authorities become more forceful and riots erupt. The military is then dispatched to take control, which leads to our protagonists being quarantined in their neighborhood, closed off by armed soldiers and fences. They all need to escape when Travis finds out that the military is planning to destroy the areas where the infected have been, including their neighborhood. The season ends with the group joining Nick’s new friend Victor Stand, played by Colman Domingo. Unlike Negan’s head bashing antics, the show did a great job concluding the first season with the group staring at the Strand’s yacht named Abigail. Abigail was a great plot twist, since we were led to believe she was a person. It makes Strand a better character as well. He’s not as sentimental as we would think if Abigail was a woman and it makes him seem so much more tactical.

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Season two starts off right where we left off with some fantastic storytelling. The group is on the beach, waiting to be shuttled over to Abigail in a small motor boat. Meanwhile, the military is dropping bombs on the towns and creating more walkers in the process. As Nick makes a second pick up, walkers are descending on Travis, Chris, and Madison. They fight it out until Nick arrives. This beach attack is a great way to insert zombies and action into an episode centered around the group venturing out on the open sea. I do, however, have a continuity gripe with the scene. It has been established in THE WALKING DEAD universe that walkers are attracted to fire. It doesn’t make too much sense for the walker to attack he group while the town is burning all around the zombies.

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Going out on the water seems like the best plan right? Zombies can’t swim! I love this plan in the story, since it’s what I would hope to do in that situation. Now that they’re all on the yacht, we see how each survivor understands the situation. I find it incredibly interesting how differently the characters are written in their understanding of the new zombie world compared to THE WALKING DEAD. Survivors in FEAR THE WALKING DEAD quickly understand how the biggest threat is not the walkers, but other people. In THE WALKING DEAD, the characters are more willing to help each other early in the TV series. The first time we see Glenn, he’s helping Rick escape from certain death in a tank. In “Monster”, the yacht passes a boat with people calling for help and Strand callously drives by. All of the adults know immediately that helping other people is dangerous, while the teenagers are more naïve. I like this difference in character because it allows for the story to get its’ conflict fast. We get to see the group face other groups and see characters develop quicker in the new walker environment.

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Naïve is the perfect word for Chris and Alicia, but maybe not Nick. Throughout the episode, Chris is grieving for his recently shot-in-the-head-by-his-dad mother. He doesn’t understand that the bullet to the head was a mercy killing and takes it out on his dad Travis. I don’t think he’ll understand anytime soon, as Daniel suggests to Travis, and he’ll stay the moody teen of the group. I don’t really like the way this character is written. The writers seem to focus on his personal family issues too much when the character should be focused on the fact that zombies are real and whether he’ll survive or not.

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As for Alicia, she has trouble with not helping people. She is in charge of the radio and as she surfs the channels, she becomes intrigued by a David Bowie song. Apparently the way to a woman’s heart is David Bowie. So, Alicia keeps the channel on and ends up talking a man named Jack, who tells her that he is on a fishing boat accompanied by a small group. She reveals some information about the yacht and her group. For those who watch THE WALKING DEAD know that trusting new people is a bad move. Later, she confessed that her request to save them has been declined. The response from Jack was amazingly creepy. He tells her that he’s “got you” and he’ll “seen you soon”. This plot point is written very well and Alycia Debnam-Carey does a great job portraying a caring teen (as she has done throughout the series).

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Episode two is set up perfectly. A boat is approaching the yacht at a very ominous speed. Whoever it is, they want to get to the yacht fast. I’ll call them the Pirates. The Pirates also seem to have destroyed another boat, killing the passengers. I think, as we are led to believe, is that Jack has lied to Alicia and is part of a larger group (the Pirates), and used her to find the yacht. I absolutely love how trust is abused in this franchise. It looks like we’re going to see pirates attack a boat in the zombie apocalypse. How is Strand going to defend his yacht? He did make it clear that it is his boat. I am looking forward to see the torture/fishing expert Daniel in a fight. (He’s my favorite!) We’ll have to wait until next week to find out, but it sounds awesome!

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