Green Lanterns #46
GREEN LANTERNS #46 brings 'Ghosts Of The Past" into dark territory. Tim Seeley weaves a tale of green ghosts, fear, and vengeance, while the art team builds a creepy world for him to do it in.
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Fear Returns

GREEN LANTERNS #46 continues “Ghosts Of The Past” with a deeper look into Jessica Cruz’s psyche. Tim Seeley continues his dual narrative of past and present with a surprise return.

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Black Hole Horror

The story picks up with a continuation of Jessica revisiting the memory of the hunting trip that worsened her anxiety. The scene sets the tone with the group finding their kill, only for Jessica to notice two men digging a hole. The scene then shifts into modern reality, as the Justice League deals with the black hole over Jessica’s apartment. The whole moment benefits from Seeley’s strong writing. He handles the flippant tone of Constantine and Batman’s no-nonsense demeanor perfectly, especially when Baz calls in. The insanity of the situation calls for Constantine to stay, as we see Baz is trapped in what appears to be an EVIL DEAD-esque Lantern Hell.

GREEN LANTERNS #46 page 6. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The art team (V. Ken Marion, Sandu Florea, and Dinei Ribeiro) show their skill with unique landscapes once again. The scene is a perfect blend of Green Lantern and horror elements. The former Power Rings (the Earth-3 evil GL doppelgangers) and their deformities perfectly recall zombies, while also being firmly recognizable as corrupted Lanterns. It’s a strong balance between the sci-fi and horror genres, captured almost effortlessly by the creative team. The original Power Ring (Hal Jordan’s evil twin) tries to stop Baz but, even without his ring, Simon is able to fight them off.

Seeley shows his skill with these characters again here. Even when Power Ring tries to persuade him to stay and be safe, Baz is too hardened and determined to stop. He chooses to move forward and risk his life rather than be a coward. It shows how strong of a character Baz is. However, Power Ring has one more option left…

Evil Twin Syndrome

Before we see that option, the comic flashes back to… well, the flashback. Jessica and her friends have seen the two faceless murderers, and are debating what to do. Jessica expresses a strong need for justice, but also the line, “we need to see their faces.” It’s a unique touch by Seeley that creates a bridge between past and present, as if the modern Jessica (who wants to remember these men) came out for a bit. This scene still comes across a bit dark though, which only gets worse as the killers descend on them.

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Meanwhile, Baz faces his own demons, as Power Ring reveal his secret weapon — Solomon Baz, Simon’s doppelgänger from Earth-3.

GREEN LANTERNS #46 page 15. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The fight here is good, but doesn’t do too much beyond the standard good & evil twin battle. Solomon reveals he was given the Power Ring (which feeds off cowardice) for not bombing a group of kids, but there’s not much to him more than that. Simon beats his twin but, in doing so, learns what’s going on. This world is the realm of Volthoom, the entity of the Power Ring. Instead of being built on will, this place is built on fear and regret, and it still has plans for Baz and Jessica.

Final Thoughts on GREEN LANTERNS #46

GREEN LANTERNS #46 works as another chapter of the “Ghosts of Our Past” story, but it’s not as strong as previous issues. It’s still quite good, thanks to the powerful writing and art from the creative team. It just feels a little flat, like this is just another part of the bigger story. Still, there are plenty of things that go well here. The writing continues to build interest and treat the characters with respect. The artwork moves between landscapes with ease and manages to get across how much the art team enjoys doing this. The doppelgänger battle is really the weakest part, but even that isn’t bad. This might not be a standout issue, but it’s solid and still keeps us interested for what’s coming next.

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