With all of their comic book TV shows, AMC is now a must-see panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Not only do they show trailers for THE WALKING DEAD and PREACHER, the network unveils a sneak peek into the second half of THE WALKING DEAD spinoff with the FEAR THE WALKING DEAD season 4b trailer before the premiere on August 12.

Based on the trailer, FEAR THE WALKING DEAD season 4b looks to be a completely new show. The departures of Madison and Nick in the first half of the season leaves the door open for other characters to shine and a new main character to lead the show in Madison’s place. The trailer gives a three and a half minute look into what’s in store for the group (consisting of Luciana, Strand, Morgan, June, John, Alicia, Althea, and Charlie) since their Kim chi campfire.

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It’s All So Quiet

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD season 4b begins with images of the group out on the road. The group is no longer looking for a place to rebuild their lives in the world of walkers. Instead, they’re on the road trying to survive. However, their routine seems monotonous.

Right of the bat, John Dorie is constructing a raft and encounters a walker. He unenthusiastically makes a comment and grabs an ax to take care of the wet walker. The others individually put in the usual chores. June guts a fish in a school bus, Charlie goes on a run, Alicia checks out a house for supplies.

It seems off that the group isn’t looking for a place or community to live in. Granted, previous experience with the hotel in Mexico, the Ranch, and the baseball stadium may be a deterrent; a community still seems like a better way to survive.

June, Courtesy of AMC

A Storm is Coming

A literal storm is coming to FEAR THE WALKING DEAD season 4b. The next part of the trailer shows a hurricane at full force. It blows away walkers, floods the river, and destroys property. It’ll be interesting to see more of the visual impact of the hurricane. Not only for the aftermath of the terrain but the new walkers that are to come. The show does tease us with a mud-covered walker crawling towards… something.

Most importantly, the storm seems like a huge turning point in the lives of the characters since it works to set up the rest of the season. After the hurricane clears, we see Alicia as she declares,

“They could be anywhere. We could find them or we could find them dead or we could die trying to find them.”

This indicates that the storm will separate the group and they will have their own adventures as they try to regroup.

Characters Old & New

Next, the footage shows members of the group on their own in FEAR THE WALKING DEAD season 4b. They seem to be facing their own personal issues as well. Alicia wants to bring people back together. Her mother Madison could be her inspiration. June fears that she will revert back to being selfish and running away because she is alone again.

Luciana wants to help others as some sort of redemption. Maybe this has to do with her deceased boyfriend Nick? Morgan, on the other hand, walks the thin line of insanity yet again. We see him staring in the mirror with the phrase “I lose people, I lose myself” written on his forehead.

Morgan, Courtesy of AMC

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD season 4b does not only feature the group we saw at the mid-season finale. The trailer introduces a few new characters into the mix. We see a truck driver along with her wheelchair dependent companion. Also, there is a glimpse of a man Luciana helps. I’m sure we’ll get an intriguing back-story on the all three of them!

Final Thoughts on FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season 4b Trailer

I hope the separation of the group works out for FEAR THE WALKING DEAD because it isn’t all that new. This storyline seems too reminiscent of a storyline in THE WALKING DEAD. There, the group was also separated after an attack on the prison that they were living in. They do eventually find each other, but it was a long journey that I personally found unexciting.

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Moreover, I feel the separation will be a missed opportunity to develop the relationships between the characters. After the mid-season finale, we are left with questions about what kind of resentment will remain between Charlie and the group. Charlie did betray them and kill Nick after all. The June/John reunion needs more attention too since it was cut short with John being shot.

Lastly, with Madison gone, the leadership role is open in FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season 4B and going forward. It will be interesting to seeing who takes that role. Initially, Morgan would be my guess. However, he is reverting back to his crazy self, so maybe not. I do want to see Althea become the leader. She could be the one creating the story, instead of just recording it.

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