Dublin Comic-Con 2018 took place on the 11th and 12th of August in the Convention Centre, Dublin. The ground floor was filled with stalls full to the brim with comics and merchandise. On the first floor lay Artists Alley, with stalls ran by Indie comics talent. We discovered Faye Simms and her co-created comic, THE FOLDINGS, at one of the stalls. Faye was promoting THE FOLDINGS, her own work, selling prints and joining a panel on writing for comics. THE FOLDINGS was just such a gorgeous book, we had to talk to her. Fortunately, we got to catch up with Faye after the Con.

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ComicsVerse Talks to Seán O’Reilly at Dublin Comic-Con 2018

Dublin Comic-Con & THE FOLDINGS

ComicsVerse (CV): First of all, how was Dublin Comic Con for you?

FAYE SIMMS (FS): Amazing! I discovered halfway through Sunday that there was an indie gaming section and stayed so long trying them all my table partner had to come to fetch me back. I also had the pleasure of doing my first comics writing panel with Gary Moloney & Barry Keegan, hosted by Seamus Kavanagh! It was fantastic, I don’t usually get to even see the panels so it was a totally new experience.

CV: Could you tell our readers a little bit about THE FOLDINGS and why they should pick it up?

FS: Steampunk, Magic, Gay! In a world built on magic, where everyone can do magic, Jasper can’t do any at all – but his boyfriend Micah is a powerful magician. It’s a comic about everything: airships, arguing with your spouse at 3 A.M., big hats, political intrigue, not having time to drink the cup of tea you just made, explosions, alchemy, child pirates and beach holidays. THE FOLDINGS is all about the world and the people who live in it, and we follow Jasper, Micah, and others as they navigate its strange pitfalls.

Courtesy of Faye Simms

Comics & Collaborating

CV: How did you first become involved in comics?

FS: My friends and I decided to make a comic for Business Studies in transition year. It took 5 times longer than anyone else’s project and we photocopied everything in our parents’ offices because we couldn’t afford to print. It was a messy zine called PONCHOMANIA! Submissions were taken from anyone on literally any topic, and we managed a good three issues before people started questioning why we’re spending so much time on this mad zero profit project.

CV: You and writer Joann Dominik collaborated on THE FOLDINGS. Could you tell us about how that came about?

FS: We knew each other for years on social media. I’ve always admired her ability to write clever bon mot and whipsmart characters. THE FOLDINGS grew naturally out of chatting about the things we love. I love big complicated worlds, wild adventures and she loves intricate political machinations and weird and wonderful ideas.

Faye Simms
Courtesy of Faye Simms

Creating & Promoting THE FOLDINGS

CV: You initially launched THE FOLDINGS #1 on Kickstarter. Why did you go down this route?

FS: We decided early on to keep FOLDINGS as print only as it’s a passion project and that gives it an irregular schedule. Kickstarter was the natural choice to be able to make it as big and beautiful as we’d like to! Kickstarter allows you to update readers directly when there’s a new issue and gives you that really direct creator/reader dialogue that’s so vital in a small project.

CV: You broke the issue down into two stories. One is a 20-page comic, the other is a short story. What goes into the decision of which story becomes a comic, the other prose?

FS: We often write in prose first and then decide which will be the comic. The decision is usually based on which one we’d most like to see drawn out in full. Doing two stories per issue lets us flesh out the world much more, and gives the reader a lot more of what’s going on outside the main plot.

Interview with Aaron Losty and Becca Carey at Dublin Comic Con 2017!

The Characters of THE FOLDINGS

CV: Tell us a bit about the characters, Jasper, Micah, Orla, and Priori. They all seem so unique, especially Jasper. What is it about these characters that you want to tell their stories?

FS: The fun of writing for me is not being sure what they’ll say next. There’s something wonderful when a character goes off on a tangent and a light snaps on in your head as you realize that this plot element over here actually connects perfectly to a loose end you’d left untied a month ago.

You know that frustrating feeling you get sometimes when watching TV or playing games when you’re way more interested in a side character and their story than whatever you’re supposed to be into? Everyone is the hero of their own story – I want to reflect that, to give everyone their moment to be the “main character”.

Courtesy of Faye Simms

The World Building of THE FOLDINGS

CV: The world building of Lunule is incredible. How much research goes into the construction of a city brimming with magic? Does that influence the magical rules you introduce, such as the air catching you if you fall?

FS: Worldbuilding is so much fun, it’s all about setting up problems and then thinking of the dumbest and most human ways people might try to solve them. THE FOLDINGS is based on the idea that they live in this really vertical world. The land rises, the city rises, flat hard ground isn’t a concept they even have; and if you live in a floating Escher maze, then where is the supermarket?

One of the greatest difficulties of Jasper’s life is that he can’t use the magic portals other people use to hop around, and when time and space are a little more magically convoluted, the supermarket might not be where he left it yesterday.

Courtesy of Faye Simms

What’s Next For Faye Simms & THE FOLDINGS

CV: To wrap up, what is next for THE FOLDINGS? Are there any other projects you have lined up?

FS: Our next issue and the issue after it are both underway! The release date is sporadic as heck but if you get us on twitter @MD_Doodles or @TheFoldings, you’ll be sure to catch our next Kickstarter.

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THE FOLDINGS has its own website, with more insights and previews of upcoming work. The site can be found here. Faye also has a Tumblr account which can be located here

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