Trick or torture! For many, Halloween is a time of candy and fun. For mobile game FATE/GRAND ORDER players, it’s a sweet chance to grab a limited-time character. In celebration of the spookiest day of the year, the U.S. version of FATE/GRAND ORDER has just launched its latest event featuring a new story, new items, and a brand-new Servant.

FGO’s latest event banner | Image: FATE/GRAND ORDER Game

Well, “brand-new” might be stretching it. More accurately, the event Servant is a Halloween-themed Elisabeth Báthory. The original Elisabeth is already available in the game, but her Halloween-self boasts different stats and skills. She’s free to obtain once players have completed all the Main Quests in the event. Check out her message advertising the event to players below:


FATE/GRAND ORDER is a branch of the overarching FATE series, which has spawned visual novels, manga, video games, and several anime adaptations. The series reimagines figures from history and mythology as good-looking anime characters, usually cute girls regardless of what their gender actually was according to historical texts. In FATE’s lore, every so often a Holy Grail War occurs. During a War, seven mages summon these historical/mythological figures as Servants and fight to the death. The winner can have any wish granted by the Holy Grail.

FATE/GRAND ORDER incorporates this lore with an original story and “gacha” system. Gacha, short for gachapon, is essentially a gambling mechanic often used in free-to-play mobile games like FGO. Players can gamble their resources collected in any given gacha game for a chance to obtain a rare character or item. In FGO’s case, players gamble for the chance to summon a five-star card, which is the rarest and strongest type possible.

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Sweet Rewards Abound

Halloween-Elisabeth is only a four-star, but the game ups her appeal by advertising her as an event-limited catch. In other words, she’s only available for as long as the event is running for, so don’t miss out!

Elisabeth’s profile | Image: FATE/GRAND ORDER Game

Aside from Elisabeth, a new five-star Servant is also available in the summoning pool for this brief period of time. Tamamo-no-Mae is making an early appearance before her official debut in the main story! New items to enhance a Servant’s strength are available as well. With all these treats up for grabs, it really does feel like Halloween’s come early!

All Fun and Games

In real life, Elisabeth Báthory was a Hungarian noblewoman and serial killer who murdered hundreds of young girls. Folklore says she even bathed in their blood to obtain eternal youth. In FGO, she’s more like a lil’ rascal who just loves singing.

The event story, “The Adventure of Singing Pumpkin Castle,” centers on that trait of hers. What that means exactly is up to players to find out. One thing’s for sure though, if it’s horror and thrills you’re looking for, there’s no better historical figure to celebrate Halloween with!

FATE/GRAND ORDER is available for free in the United States and Japan for iPhone and Android users. Its one-episode anime special can be viewed on Crunchyroll.

Featured image from DroidGamers.

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