For years, Jedidiah Jenkins has been helping sick patients and amputees with their organ transplant problems. But now their coming back to him by the hundreds. Why are they migrating back to the Jenkins Family Farm? Creator Rob Guillory presents the start of the second season of his highly acclaimed comic with FARMHAND #6.
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The agricultural nightmare continues

Like the old saying goes, what’s done in the dark will sooner or later come to light. Jedidiah Jenkins has been giving people a second chance with his mysterious organ transplant treatment for years. But suddenly eerie things are starting to happening in Freeport, LA. Creator Rob Guillory (CHEW) continues his new hit Image Comic’s series in FARMHAND #6.

Everyone who ever received an organ transplant from Jedidiah Jenkins has come back to town. This issue is an important lesson in how the seeds we sow can later come back to haunt us. You’ll want to make sure to pick up the latest issue to find out.

The Growing Plot of FARMHAND #6

FARMHAND #6 brings us back to the creepy town of Freeport, LA. The first arc of FARMHAND introduced us to many of the characters including Zeke’s wife, children, and our main protagonist Zeke Jenkins. It’s still up in the air whether Jedidiah, Zeke’s father, is a good or evil character at the root. Whereas the first arc established a lot of character development and story-building, FARMHAND #6 looks to deal with the side effects of Jed’s entire organ transplant operations.

Farmhand #6-Jed
Image Courtesy of Image Comics

Anybody who got an organ transplant from Jed’s farm is starting to pop up in Freeport. But the weirdest part is they’re all migrating at the same time. A sudden change has taken place in their new organs over the last several months. The town of Freeport is a little freaked out and the man responsible, Jedidiah Jenkins, has…taken the day off to go fishing?

Guillory has started off the second arc very well with an issue that slowly lets you know that things are about to get a lot worse. This issue splits two stories in half. The first deals with the unexpected mutating effects that Jed’s organ transplant are having on its recipients. It’s unknown what has triggered it. The other is a bonding moment between father and son, mixed with some funny kid antics.

Things to Come

Guillory does a fantastic job at boiling over the plot in FARMHAND #6. It’ll not only be great to see the horrendous agricultural nightmare that awaits the reader but how the characters deal with it. It’s a good example of being careful with the seeds you plant in your life. Looks like Jed will learn the hard way that no problem ever really stays buried forever. And the consequences of your actions may come back to haunt you professionally and personally.

Farmhand #6
Image Courtesy of Image Comics

Louisiana’s Finest

Guillory’s artwork continues to be a driving force that helps bring his authentic storytelling and characters to life. The characters still look just as great and vibrant as Guillory’s cartoonish art style works incredibly well with the tone of the story. The characters are very distinct. He does a excellent job crafting their looks, facial features, and designs unique. The story flows well from panel to panel and he does an great job at distinguishing the setting and locations.

The amount of detail and artistic passion he puts into every panel is fun, humorous, and always impressive. You find yourself getting lost in his art searching for Easter eggs and little jokes that he tends to insert into the background or within the panels. There’s also a great balance in this issue with flipping back and forth between two different stories being told within this issue. While things look to be falling apart back at the Jenkins Family Farm, Jed is having a relaxing day away with his son and grandchild.

A Whole Lot of Evil is on the Way

All in all, FARMHAND # 6 is a promising start to the second arc for Guillory’s agriculture gone wrong comedic horror story. It leaves enough to the imagination to keep readers interested. The pacing is great along with Guillory’s own brand of humor and inside jokes that make each issue an instant classic. Hopefully we’ll get some clarity soon on whether Zeke’s father is on the side of good or evil. Make sure to put your copy on hold wherever comics are sold or download your copy today.

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