FARMHAND #10 by Rob Guillory and Taylor Wells
Season Two of FARMHAND draws to a close in game-changing fashion. With Jedidiah gone, only Ezekiel and Andrea stand in the way of Mayor Thorne’s diabolical designs for the Farm. From writer/artist Rob Guillory and colorist Taylor Wells comes FARMHAND #10
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Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets
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Boy, just when you think you know a person, they turn out to be an evil mind controlling plant monster with a hidden agenda. The hilarious agriculture gone horribly wrong continues in FARMHAND #10 by writer/artist Rob Guillory (CHEW) with colorist Taylor Wells (FARMHAND).

It looks like the prolonged side effects of Jedidiah’s transplant treatments are slowly coming back to haunt him. But what does the mayor of Freetown have to do with everything and why is the Jenkins family so important to her? One thing’s for sure, you’ll certainly want to grab yourself a copy of FARMHAND #10 to find out.

FARMHAND #10-Phony Baloney
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Farmhand #10

In FARMHAND #10, Mayor Thorne has a very specific vision for Freetown’s future. She wants to turn it into her own personal garden of the south. Since day one Jed thought he was helping people by giving them human organ transplants. What he was actually doing was helping Thorne. By attaching transplants, Jed gave Thorne the ability to later have mind control over the new body part. In this latest issue, we get to see her ultimate plan slowly begin to take form.

Rob Guillory continues to craft an amusing yet incredibly creepy story with FARMHAND. Each leg of the story reels us just a bit closer into Freetown while still managing to keep us riddled with more questions. Chapter two definitely has an ATTACK OF THE BODY SNATCHERS vibe to it. The other dynamic that makes Guillory’s work so fun to read is his ability to tell a story from different perspectives. His short backstories and flashbacks help build the overall narrative of the plot and continue to drive the story forward.

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The Root of All Evil in FARMHAND #10

I always had suspicions about Monica Thorne and they’ve truly come to light in the last two issues. She was first introduced in the second issue as a weird but harmless antique shop owner. Now the mayor of Freetown, she has definitely shifted the second chapter leading into FARMHAND #10 in an unexpected way. Underneath her puny middle-age woman interior lies a massively powerful being of unknown origin.

She’s fooled everyone from Zeke’s wife to the town folk into believing she’s kind, proving herself to be a master of manipulation. This is simply an early assumption but her connection to all transplants must mean she’s the one who gave Jed his ability, but why? It’s easy to forget but Jedidiah is a transplant himself. He has a green thumb which is shown briefly in the very first issue. Needless to say, going forward, Thorne looks to be unleashing the next phase in her sinister plot to turn the town into her own personal vegetable garden. It’ll be interesting to see who learns of her real identity and her origins as well.

FARMHAND #10 -Press Conference
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Freetown-Oasis of the South

Guillory and Wells do a profound job of bringing the world of Freetown to life. From their craftsmanship of each individual character to their attention to the bright, vibrant colors that balance with the dark undertones. The thing I always like most about Guillory’s artistic vision is that each one of his books takes the reader on a journey of discovery. In FARMHAND #10, his art shows us the Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde nature of Monica Thorne.

One minute she’s smiling in front of a camera receiving trophies for her veggies. The next, she’s in her tool shed starring at a decapitated head. The eerie detailed pencil work Guillory provides to make her look inspiring and then three folds of creepy is astonishing. My favorite two pages from this book are when Thorne is calling out to the transplants. The multiple panel angles Guillory uses with the hypnotic lines to emphasis her mind control over them is brilliant. Taylor Wells color choices provide an ingeniously rich balance of brightness and joy to the dark element of the story.

Season Two Wraps

All in all, I think Guillory found a great way to end the second arc of the story on a very shocking note. He continues to build great tension toward the third arc which definitely looks to be the darkest of the three thus far. Guillory and Wells are doing the lords work in terms of their artistic comic blend of science fiction horror meets comedy. If you’re not already reading this series then you’re missing out. Get your copy of FARMHAND #10 on digital or at your local comic shop today.

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