The Fantastic Four must persevere to free themselves from Doctor Doom’s prison in this FANTASTIC FOUR #9 preview. But with Latveria’s cosmic power fluctuating erratically, our heroes must act fast. We see the Fantastic Four in a wonderful way this preview, showcasing what they’ve learned from one another. Check out the preview below!


Fantastic Four #9


Written by: Dan Slott

Art by: Stefano Caselli, Aaron Kuder, and Paco Medina

Cover by: Esad Ribic

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“WHAT PRICE VICTORY?” One cruel act will forever change the relationship between the Fantastic Four and Victor Von Doom. The fate of Latveria and of the world and the balance of Cosmic Power in the Universe all rests on one decision! All will be revealed in the terrifying final chapter of “Herald of Doom”!

FANTASTIC FOUR #9 Preview Image Gallery

Fantastic Four #9 Fantastic Four #9 Fantastic Four #9 Fantastic Four #9

Fantastic Four #9
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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