Doctor Doom’s plan to take down Glactus has proven successful in this FANTASTIC FOUR #8 preview. With the devourer of worlds no longer a threat, the Latverians praise and adore Doom. However, as suspected, Doom had his own ulterior motives. Check out the preview below.


Fantastic Four #8


Written by: Dan Slott

Art by: Aaron Kuder

Cover by: Esad Ribic

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“HERALD OF DOOM” continues with “FIRST-WORLD POWER”! Latveria is about to take its rightful place on the world stage. Thanks to the benevolence and ingenuity of your beloved leader, Victor Von Doom, Latverians will soon know a new age of peace and prosperity! All of this shall come to pass — as long as we can repel these four nefarious foreign invaders who have illegally entered our beloved country! Death to the Fantastic Four!

FANTASTIC FOUR #8 Preview Image Gallery

Fantastic Four #8 Fantastic Four #8 Fantastic Four #8 Fantastic Four #8

Fantastic Four #8
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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