Fantastic Four #7

Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four have a tough team-up in this FANTASTIC FOUR #7 preview. Our heroes must fight alongside Doctor Doom if they have any hope of defeating Galactus. Seems like the lesser of two evils! However, this decision isn’t easy when plan A involves using another hero as bait. Check out the preview below!


Fantastic Four #7


Written by: Dan Slott

Art by: Aaron Kuder

Cover by: Esad Ribic

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“HERALD OF DOOM” PART TWO! In a battle between Doctor Doom and Galactus, who would you favor…A man who is trying to be a hero to his beloved nation or an unstoppable cosmic force of nature? It’s a simple choice, unless you’re Mister Fantastic. This dilemma, plus a strange new development in the life of the Human Torch. And a long-forgotten threat from the Fantastic Four’s past resurfaces…

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Fantastic Four #7 Fantastic Four #7 Fantastic Four #7 Fantastic Four #7 Fantastic Four #7

Fantastic Four #7
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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