NEVERA TALES: ELISA & ALEX by Daniel Bishop and Marek Jarocki
NEVERA TALES sets up for a violent yet beautiful fantasy that is sure to keep your attention. Daniel Bishop and Marek Jarocki build a story that is both inventive to comics and creative for the monster genre!
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What do you get when you mix ASTRO BOY, fantasy, and vampires? I would imagine something like NEVERA TALES: ELISA & ALEX. Daniel Bishop and Mark Jarocki team up again to give readers a continuation of the NEVERA TALES. This sponsored review shows how the NEVERA TALES continues to astound us with fantastic art, unconventional style, and powerful lead characters.

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NEVERA TALES: ELISA & ALEX takes us into the perspective of Alex. She is sort of an unknown character, floating in the water. She is near drowning when a girl very different from herself pulls her out of the water. With nowhere to go and feeling defeated, Alex follows Elisa and manages to gain her self-confidence back. The story contained in this issue provides us with more background about Elisa, and how she manages to stand out from everyone else.

The story takes place after Elisa’s run-in with Aston, a captive that Elisa previously freed. Although there are minor grammatical errors, this comic provides the strong bone structure for an interesting and inventive story. It presents us with new ways to look at Elisa and the world she lives in.

Nevera Falls
Image Courtesy of Tiger Crab Studios

NEVERA TALES Thinks Outside The Box

NEVERA TALES’s visual format certainly lies outside of the mainstream. In this case, thinking outside of the of the box successfully keeps the reader interested with the myriad of ways this work plays with comic book narrative. This does require the reader to pay a bit more attention, but it can be absolutely worth it in the end.

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One of the most interesting parts of the story is its perspective. Generally, stories are told from the protagonist’s point of view. Instead, NEVERA TALES shifts the viewpoint. The story takes the perspective of Alex rather than Elisa. We know (or are at least assuming) the overall series is about Elisa. However, we are never in Elisa’s head. Rather, we see her from a side character’s point of view. When we meet Alex, it seems she is ready to give up on living. However, how Elisa warmly greets and interacts with Alex starts to shift Alex’s outlook. Instead of seeing what the main character thinks, we directly see how the main character impacts those around her.

Another intriguing part of this comic is the interplay between Bishop and Jarocki’s work. The layout of the comic takes an unconventional road, sitting somewhere between comic and novel. To be honest, it’s brilliant. This gives readers a chance to take their time “reading” the images. Although there are high action scenes, the panels are never cluttered with too many words fighting for your attention. Additionally, having the text next to the images as opposed to over them sets a different type of pacing. It creates more anticipation for the next moment and more build up for the next scene. This leaves readers on the edge of their seats, waiting for more beauty and gore.

Outstanding Art

Marek Jarocki’s art is absolutely stunning to look at, but also very eerie. He manages to balance whimsical fantasy with the darker undertones, building up a story that is sure to keep readers attention.

Nevera Tales
Image Courtesy of Tiger Crab Studios

Jarocki uses a mix of styles to portray the world of NEVERA TALES. Alex and Elisa’s looks seem to have at least some ASTRO BOY roots. Their heads and eyes are extremely large and rounded, giving them a cutesy look. However, Jarocki takes that cute and turns it into something more surreal. Although ASTRO BOY seems adorable, I seem hard pressed in remembering a time Astro Boy was covered in the blood of his enemies, holding a sword in defiance. Compared to Astro Boy, Elisa is a savage who takes no prisoners.

The overall imagery is beautiful. The beauty is balanced nicely with some of the more violent scenes. This careful balance that Jarocki maintains gives us a world that is both wonderful but also horrifying. The aggressiveness of Elisa balances nicely with Alex’s discomfort with confrontation. It gives us a world perspective that is whole and well-rounded.

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NEVERA TALES is Wonderful

NEVERA TALES is a fascinating and awesome story. Daniel Bishop and Marek Jarocki create a comic that is not only beautiful but enthralling. This issue is sure to get you hooked on the series! The story combines both horror and fantasy to create a story about finding yourself and empowering one another. Elisa and Alex remind readers that strength is not only through how you wield a sword, but how you can inspire others.

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