GREEN LANTERNS #55 continues "Evil's Might" with the culmination of Hank Henshaw's plan. Dan Jurgens creates an epic fall, with the Lanterns facing an internal betrayal like no other!
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Steel Over Green

GREEN LANTERNS #55 continues “Evil’s Might” with a penultimate issue. Hank Henshaw’s plans finally come to fruition, although writer Dan Jurgens can’t seem to stop explaining them to us.

The End Nears

GEEN LANTERNS #55 opens with a huge shot of a space fleet, along with Eon and the Ravagers prepping for Henshaw’s arrival. It’s a good scene, but it highlights one of the issue’s two big problems.

GREEN LANTERNS #55 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The art team of Mike Perkins and Hi-Fi have sadly moved away from the crispness of past issues. Instead, they’ve reverted back to the shadowy, muddy texture of their early work together. The space fleet and the Ravagers look washed out in GREEN LANTERNS #55, without the sharp lines of even the previous installment. Eon looks better, but that may be due to his energy powers requiring a lighter shade. It’s not a good start to the story.

Things do pick up though, as Henshaw enters the ship. The cyborg is pleased with Eon and the Ravagers destroying Penelo, and promises them power in exchange. Meanwhile, Jessica Cruz is dropping off the last of the Penelo survivors on their new world. Jurgens does a nice job with Cruz feeling pride at saving the aliens, but keeps the story moving once it’s revealed this is a flashback. Cruz is back on a snow-covered Mogo, trying to solve the mysteries plaguing the Corps. The Guardians add to those questions by revealing the theft of the Phantom Ring. Ganthet also names Simon Baz as a suspect, just before something draws the Lanterns outside.

The Guardians venture out as well, just in time to see Henshaw emerge from the Central Power Battery, Phantom Ring in hand!

The End Arrives

Henshaw immediately engages the Guardians, as the Ravagers arrive overhead. The Lanterns fly off, while Henshaw uses the Phantom Ring to great effect. He even utilizes his power over technology to turn the Central Power Battery against the Guardians. However, this shows the issue’s other problem — Henshaw can’t stop talking about his plan. He spends most of the issue boasting again and again about details we already know. It makes sense to an extent since the characters aren’t informed. Yet Henshaw spends so much time gloating, you wish he would just kill everyone so he wouldn’t have anyone to talk to.

Meanwhile, the Lanterns take on Eon and the Ravagers in another epic space battle. The art improves here, getting back to crisper lines and a sharper look. It’s a much-needed respite.

GREEN LANTERNS #55 page 13. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Eon engages the Lanterns while, on Mogo, Henshaw utilizes his technopathy to affect the rings. The Lanterns swiftly begin to lose control, save for Hal (which fits into previous theories about Hal’s ‘self-made’ ring). Events go further south, as Henshaw utilizes the Phantom Ring for one final blast against the Guardians.

Final Thoughts On GREEN LANTERNS #55

Overall, GREEN LANTERNS #55 is a good issue, with a pair of major problems. When the art is good, it’s very good, but this installment demonstrates the art team can slip back into bad habits. To be fair, it may have been the darkness of that first page, but it’s not good to see in any case. Jurgens also crafts a solid story, but he seems a little too enamored with Henshaw. The cyborg was always talkative, but this issue was exhausting. Even with these problems though, the story itself accomplished its goal. Henshaw and his forces fulfilled his mission, and the idea of the Lanterns without their weapons is fascinating to explore.

There are still other questions like the status of Mogo to explore, and Simon Baz is still a major factor. He was moving towards some desperate measures in the last issue, so whatever he does next will likely have a big impact. Whatever happens next, I’m excited to see what he does, and how the Lanterns come down from this new crisis!

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