Extremity Vol. 1
EXTREMITY Vol. 1 is a fantastic start to an epic new series from Skybound Entertainment. Daniel Warren Johnson has envisioned an in-depth world with violent tribal warfare. The art, characters, and story are all terrific. All in all, this a fantastic debut for this new comic.
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Post-Apocalyptic Splendor

Sometimes a comic comes along that invents a whole new world filled with detail and history. EXTREMITY Vol. 1 is an example of how a unique idea can sprout an amazing story and fantastic characters. Daniel Warren Johnson serves as creator, writer, and artist for this post-apocalyptic war comic. His imagination is on full display in this Skybound Original.

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EXTREMITY Vol. 1 tells the tale of two rival tribes in a brutal blood feud with one another. The comic, which Image accurately describes as a combination of Studio Ghibli films and Mad Max, is hyper violent but also emotionally poignant. Overall, this volume does a phenomenal job discussing the horrors of war in this fantastical setting.

Extremity Vol. 1
Courtesy of Image Comics Skybound Entertainment

An Eye for an Eye

EXTREMITY follows a conflict between two civilizations: the Roto and the Panzina. They are led by two ruthless leaders, Chief Jerome and Queen Nim, respectively. Over time, we slowly learn about the events that created the conflict between these two people. When the face of Queen Nim of Panzina’s daughter was burnt in a border dispute between the two groups, the Queen vowed revenge against the Roto. She attacked the Roto and drove them from their home. Nim avenged her daughter’s injuries by ordering the murder of Jerome’s wife and personally dismembering the hand of Jerome’s daughter, Thea.

Extremity Vol. 1
Courtesy of Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment

The comic opens several years later with a broken and wrathful Jerome. Jerome still grieves over the loss of his wife and Thea losing her hand. He has dedicated his life towards his goal of retribution against the Panzina. The chief leads his tribe in a quest to eliminate the Panzina once and for all. Jerome is willing to accomplish this through any means necessary.

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Throughout EXTREMITY Vol. 1, there are extremely gory battles between the Roto and the Panzina. Men use spears to impale heads, and body parts fly throughout the pages of this book. This bloodshed never seems excessive or gratuitous; it perfectly fits with the theme of the comic. The readers are meant to ask themselves whether Jerome’s crusade for justice is in fact justified. Is victory worth the many casualties and sorrows of war? If your enemies act cruelly to you, should you act cruelly in kind? These are among the questions that EXTREMITY deals with.

The Artist Inside

The central characters in this story are Thea and Rollo, the two children of Jerome. Thea was a gifted artist since she was very young. Jerome always would say that she could see detail and life where other people could not. Thea’s innocent childhood ended abruptly when her mother died. Then she lost the ability to draw well once her primary hand was removed. Now Thea fervently follows her father in his pursuit of vengeance. She became a tough warrior who never hesitates to follow her father’s orders. The soldier replaced the artist. We are meant to wonder if the sensitive young girl inside of Thea is still there or whether that part of her died with her mother.

Courtesy of Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment

Rollo, on the other hand, hates fighting and violence. He would much rather fix machinery than wage war. This drives a wedge between him and Jerome who thinks that his son is soft. Rollo is also an artist in his own way. He likes to gaze out at the world and ponder it rather than create bloodshed. Rollo often feels like an outsider in his tribe, and he has no friends. That is until he meets Shiloh.

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Shiloh is an old robot that Rollo discovers, built many years ago for the purposes of killing. But now Shiloh feels utter shame and remorse for all the deaths he contributed to. Despite his programming, he is determined to no longer draw blood. It is fascinating that the most empathetic and kind-hearted character in EXTREMITY Vol. 1 is a robot. In fact, Shiloh seems the most human of all the characters, whereas many of the real humans act like utter beasts.

Art and Style in EXTREMITY Vol. 1

It is truly incredible that Daniel Warren Jonhson, alongside Mike Spicer who did the coloring, drew all of the pages in this book. His art style definitely has a harsh edge to it, perfectly embodying the cruel world EXTREMITY takes place in. The people in the story all look dirty or unkempt. The Roto look like a combination of Native American tribes, the Vikings, and the Mongols. On the other hand, the Panzina look much more classically European with their bright steel-plated armor and muskets. I particularly love the animal skull that Jerome wears into battle. It reminds me of Immortan Joe’s mouthpiece from MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

Extremity Vol. 1
Courtesy of Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment

The art in this comic truly shines in battle. EXTREMITY does not glorify war but shows it as the horrible thing it is. The blood and violence in this comic are almost a character as its presence is such an important part of this comic. This comic is definitely not for the squeamish. However, in a medium which often glorifies acts of violence, EXTREMITY is a great reminder of how ugly and awful war truly is.

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Final Thoughts

EXTREMITY Vol. 1 is a terrific start to Daniel Warren Johnson’s new series. It allows the readers to become fully invested in the characters and the conflict between the Panzina and the Roto. Its anti-war, anti-violence themes are also pretty profound and cleverly represented in this book. Furthermore, the mix of styles, time periods, and cultures makes EXTREMITY an interesting new world which has a lot of room to explore. Skybound Entertainment and Johnson really created a juggernaut series with this book, and I can’t wait to read more of it!

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