extraordinary x-men #6 cover

The Extraordinary X-Men on a mission that takes them to Weirdworld – plus: the return of an old ally!

There’s a certain silence before the storm during issue six of Jeff Lemire’s mutant flagship title EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN. The fight against Sinister has been won, and the X-Men lick their wounds at X-Haven. While Piotr is trying to deal with the fact that he can’t help one of his best friends and his sister no longer needs protecting, Illyana and Sapna discover anomalies in Limbo, and Iceman and Anole have a heartfelt conversation about being both gay and a mutant. After all that, half of the team goes on a search and rescue mission that takes them straight to the weirdest place in the Marvel Universe…

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Readers of EXTRAORDINARY can be extremely happy that the first story arc is over and done with and the protagonists get a quick breather. #6 is one of the quieter, less plot-driven, and less fast-paced issues, with a massive amount of cool little character moments. Although some of the dialogues are, again, admittedly a little wooden, we can definitely sense how Lemire has a hand for those characters and wants to take them to the next level. Colossus feels useless because he no longer has to protect his sister? He’s becoming a mentor for the younger X-Men. While Anole used to have sort of a mentor relationship to Northstar, he himself becomes a role model for Iceman when it comes to dealing with one’s own sexuality.

There are so many more amazing character moments during this issue. Logan’s first fastball special after years makes you feel extremely nostalgic, and the reader is still desperate to find out what happened to Nightcrawler. The characterization, overall, is extremely on-point, especially when it comes to Storm, though some may argue that her orders to Logan towards the end of the issue are somewhat off-character given her opinion on Cyclops’ leadership. But, taking into account that the character of Storm has a history of struggling with giving up her ideals in order to be a good leader, also struggling with her self-doubts while doing so, this makes sense, especially in the context of the arc Lemire has seemingly planned for her.

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And though I must admit I was extremely skeptical about the Weirdworld setting, at first, thinking that it might just be another cheap way of cross-promoting different Marvel properties, the issue definitely benefitted from it. It brings up the vibe of the old Savage Land stories, making it almost feel nostalgic to watch Old Man Logan, Colossus, Iceman and Illyana taking on Rhinosaurs. Plus, the reason their mission takes them to this exact place is related to the book’s overall plot and makes for a fantastic cliffhanger.

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Although we all got very used to Humberto Ramos’ work (who will return in issue #8), Victor Ibanez carries the issue surprisingly well, with his facial expressions well suited for this dialogue-heavy book. The colors by Jay David Ramos are bright enough to make the mutant’s trip to Weirdworld a light-hearted adventure. So, though the art is not necessarily a highlight, it’s sufficient and cheerful.

EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #6 shifts down a gear from the previous issues – which is the best thing it could have done. This issue is a great example for how much X-Men awesomeness fits into 22 pages.

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