Saladin Ahmed’s EXILES series has been one of Marvel’s wackiest, boldest, funniest works of the summer season! When a mysteriously powerful device known as the Tallus fell into the hands of Blink, a brand new team of Exiles was brought together to protect the multiverse! From a trip to Mojoverse to a stint with some pirates, the team has embarked on some crazy adventures. Unfortunately for them, those adventures were only the beginning of their challenges. Now, they must face what is to come for them in EXILES #5.

As realities within the Multiverse meet their demise by the hand of the Time-Eater, the Exiles must band together to stop the entity forged by the realities it consumes once and for all!

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Much of EXILES’ popularity lies in the appeal of its eccentric team of characters that include Blink, Khan, Valkyrie, Wolvie, and Iron Lad. Yes, these characters are unlikely teammates. However, they have managed to successfully work together. At least, they have managed to so far!

The preview for EXILES #5 features a sneak peek at the epic confrontation against the Time-Eater. Unsurprisingly, the dramatic moment is not without its humor as Wolvie lands a few quips about the Time-Eater’s plans to destroy the multiverse and end up alone. We also get to see some beautiful art and colors from the exceptionally talented Javier Rodríguez, most notable in the panels that feature the reappearance of Nick Fury’s younger self.

EXILES #5 hits stands on July 11th, 2018. The issue will undoubtedly be yet another fun-filled addition to the EXILES saga. However, the installment will also include some heartbreaking moments. According to, some losses lie ahead for the Exiles squad in the upcoming issue.

So, don’t miss the conclusion of the Time-Eater saga! It’s sure to be a memorable one.

EXILES #5 Image Gallery

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