If the Rebirth run of WONDER WOMAN can be surmised in one word (asides, obviously, from “Rebirth”), it’s “reinvention.” Not only has Wonder Woman’s entire character and mythos been reexamined, but it’s also affected her enemies as well! From her greatest foes, like the Cheetah and Veronica Cale, to even her lesser-known rogues, such as Mayfly, none have proven immune to this major overhaul. WONDER WOMAN #61 seems to be following that trend!

DC and writer G. Willow Wilson are poised to bring this tide of change to the very Greek pantheon themselves! Starting in WONDER WOMAN #58, Ares has been reborn as not a god of war, but a god of justice! Unfortunately, his idea of heroism still involves hurting innocent people. Can Diana show her first supervillain the error of his ways before it’s too late?





  • Art by: Mick Gray, Cary Nord
  • Cover by: Rachel Dodson, Terry Dodson
  • Variant Cover by: Jenny Frison
  • Written by: G Willow Wilson


  • Series: WONDER WOMAN 2016
  • U.S. Price: $3.99
  • On Sale Date: Jan 2, 2019
  • Volume/Issue #: 61
  • Color/B&W: Color
  • Trim Size: Comic
  • Page Count: 32


All You Need Is Love

WONDER WOMAN #61 starts right away by introducing the new Aphrodite! However, despite being known as the goddess of love, this version of the Olympian seems to be anything but. As she explains to Steve Trevor, she’s tired of watching both humanity and deities destroy themselves over a feeling. Considering that Wonder Woman’s character was conceived based on the importance of love, will this spell trouble for our favorite heroine?

Wilson, famous for her creation of the current Ms. Marvel, has crafted an intriguing arc thus far. While stories of Diana dealing with Greek gods is nothing new, these past few issues have really allowed us to see what the new future of this pantheon will look like. Speaking of what they’ll look like, the art team of Mick Gray and Cary Nord prove their talent in just these few pages. Despite taking place a night, there are too many uses of bright, eye-catching colors to keep this preview from being anything but a treat for the eyes.

With only two issues left, you best be sure not to miss a single moment of this exciting storyline! Before WONDER WOMAN #61 proper arrives on January 2nd, whet your appetite with this exclusive first look at WONDER WOMAN #61!

WONDER WOMAN #61 Preview Gallery

All images courtesy of DC Entertainment.





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