When Amanda Waller says jump, the Suicide Squad says “how high?” Of course, it helps that Waller implanted each of the criminal members with remote controlled brain bombs! However, despite the checkered past of the team, the Suicide Squad has done a great deal of good since its inception. Now though, in this exclusive preview of SUICIDE SQUAD #46, some members of the Squad have started to question their loyalties. For a team of temporarily reformed criminals, can they really sink so low as to kill innocent men, women, and children?

Atlantis has risen from the sea, and the US government isn’t happy. Considering the vast size of the nation, the US fears the consequences if the (formerly) underseas kingdom attempts to expand its borders. Amanda Waller sent her team to Atlantis on a simple mission to resink the island nation. However, she failed to tell them the scope of their mission. They aren’t simply going to sink the city, but destroy it and all of its citizens.

Movies Versus Comics: The AQUAMAN Film and The New 52 AQUAMAN

Atlantis Rises!

Unhappy with their mission parameters, Deadshot and Harley Quinn defect. However, they’re quickly captured by Atlantean guards. Here’s where SUICIDE SQUAD #46 begins. While the Atlanteans interrogate their prisoners, Lord Satanis, Master Jailer, Killer Croc, and Urcell have found their way to Atlantis’ bowels. As they near their goal, though, they too begin to question their own moralities. Elsewhere in the ocean, Aquaman seeks help from a former Squad member, Killer Shark. Yet will his aid be enough to stop the destruction of Atlantis?

Writers Rob Williams and Dan Abnett start SUICIDE SQUAD #46 with a bang, and it seems as if the story can go nowhere but up! The tension is apparent from the very beginning, and the clock is constantly ticking down. I especially enjoyed the visuals by artist Jose Luis. His pencils gave this issue a ton of energy, and his portrayal of King Shark’s arrival is absolutely genius. We’ll have to wait until the issue releases on September 12th to see the culmination of these events. However, this preview seems to promise something incredible just around the corner!

SUICIDE SQUAD #46 Preview Gallery

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