The third act of “Deface the Face” begins in DETECTIVE COMICS #990 as writer James Robinson brings the battle between Batman and Two-Face deeper to a head! The mystery that has been unfolding throughout DETECTIVE COMICS’ latest arc has received praise for its focus on developing Batman’s character primarily as a detective. Of course, he has always upheld the title of “World’s Greatest Detective.” However, the last few installments of DETECTIVE COMICS have managed to showcase Batman’s more methodical methods in crime-fighting.

As a result, the narrative of “Deface the Face” roots itself in thrills and mystery.

Now though, it is time for that mystery to unravel as Batman vows to end it once and for all in DETECTIVE COMICS #990!


detective comics #990



  • Art by Stephen Segovia
  • Cover by: John Paul Leon
  • Variant cover by: Mark Brooks
  • Written by: James Robinson


  • Series: DETECTIVE COMICS 2016
  • U.S. Price: $3.99
  • On Sale Date: Oct 10 2018
  • Volume/Issue #: 990
  • Color/B&W: Color
  • Trim Size: Comic
  • Page Count: 32



The first few pages of DETECTIVE COMICS #990, featured below, depict some gorgeous images from artist Stephen Segovia. I particularly enjoy the first featured page. The image of Batman and Two-Face as contrasts highlight their preexisting relationship, back when Two-Face only went by the name Harvey Dent.

Segovia also masters control in his action sequences. Though it is quite easy for action sequences to appear chaotic, Segovia avoids that chaos by remaining consistent in each and every image he illustrates.

Ultimately, the preview for DETECTIVE COMICS #990 gives us an exciting taste for what’s to come in the issue. It appears as though this particular installment will provide answers to the greater conflict at hand since we are now certain of Two-Face’s role in this arc, revealed in DETECTIVE COMICS #989.

Unfortunately, we still have to wait a bit before all our questions are addressed.

So, until October 10th, get your Batman fix here and check out our exclusive first look at DETECTIVE COMICS #990 below!

DETECTIVE COMICS #990 Preview Gallery

All images courtesy of DC Entertainment.

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