Thanks to DC Entertainment, ComicsVerse is able to exclusively bring you the first five pages of CAVE CARSON HAS AN INTERSTELLAR EYE #2. The adventures of Cave Carson keep getting stranger and stranger, and it looks like this issue will continue that trend.

In the last issue, Cave, his daughter Chloe, and their friend Marc visited Star Adam — a former musician with some very literal star power. He’d grown quite large since Cave had seen him last, which he explained was a process all stars go through. They grow to an immense size until they finally combust.

Cave, sad that his friend will soon be gone, granted his request to go on one final mission. Before he could say goodbye, Star drifted off Cave’s ship and into space, ready to explode at any minute. The team just barely escaped through Cave’s cybernetic eye, but were left hurtling away from Earth!

What are Lazer Monks?

CAVE CARSON HAS AN INTERSTELLAR EYE #2 begins with a short flashback to Star Adam’s days as a famous musician, which brutally cuts to his current predicament. Then we see that inhabitants of an unknown planet watch on as Star begins to grow towards the combustion point. They take it as a sign of something they’ve been waiting for, and begin to deploy the “Lazer Monks,” which sound pretty rad.

Readers meet a new character named Zot, who seems to have a high standing in the Lazer Monk army.


Meanwhile, Cave, Chloe, and Marc travel inside Cave’s cybernetic, and now interstellar, eye. Cave is clearly feeling the loss of Star Adam, as well as some guilt for putting the Earth at risk. The team’s craft then approaches the new planet, but their landing may prove to be a little difficult.

Even though the eye is in a “pocket dimension,” and any force applied to it theoretically can’t hurt the team, Marc points out that it may instead trap them inside the eye forever. Which is definitely less than ideal.

So what are the Lazer Monks, and what are they preparing for? What will happen to Cave, Chloe, and Marc when they land on this new planet? Find out by checking out the first five pages below, and pick up the issue this week!


CAVE CARSON HAS AN INTERSTELLAR EYE #2 hits shelves April 18th. Until then, check out ComicsVerse’s exclusive preview below, and don’t forget to subscribe to Cave Carson comics on ComiXology

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