Last week Staten Island’s Comic Book Jones had an exclusive event featuring DC Comics’ creators – and our very own Brian Delpozo was in attendance!  First up is his talk with the celebrated creative team of David Gallaher and Steve Ellis (The Only Living Boy, Box 13, High Moon) on Convergence: Green Lantern Corps!


  1. First question, how did you come to be involved in the Convergence project? Did DC contact you?

Gallaher: Yes, DC contacted me for my birthday last year, which was super awesome, and said “Hey would you like to work on this thing? ” and I said yeah, that’d be awesome, and a couple of months later I got Steve to agree to draw it thanks to DC, and that’s pretty much it.

Ellis: Well DC agreed to let me. (Laughs)

Gallaher: DC agreed to let Steve Draw it.

Green Lanterns

  1. Did you decide that it was going to be focused on Guy Gardner, or was that a DC call?

Gallaher: Well, they said “this is the era, this is the focus, Guy needs to be in the book” and then we reversed it from there.

Ellis: When you brought it to me, you were already steeped in the idea of doing Guy Gardner if I remember correctly.

Gallaher: Yeah, yeah. Originally for a brief period of time I thought of doing something with Jon Stewart, but Guy’s story became infinitely more interesting once the context of his backstory was revealed. Before Crisis on Infinite Earths he was in a coma, so the idea of waking him up from that coma and telling that story became a really..

Ellis: Also waking him up in a time when that didn’t happen in the regular DCU, so you were able to tell a different kind of story.

Gallaher: Right, yeah so it was really like writing an Oliver Sax story. Oliver Sax did Awakenings. So it’s cool to tell a story about some dude who was in a coma and woke up and was like “What’s happening to me?”

Ellis: And then the world’s all screwed up around him, totally different.

Gallaher: Right. It’s like waking up to this crazy nightmare, like Rip Van Winkle of DC Comics, so it was really fun.

  1. Steve, I really liked the design of Guy’s costume, if you can call it a costume, at the end of the book. It reminded me of Casey Jones from the Ninja Turtles.


Ellis: Oh that’s a good point, I hadn’t thought about that. That was, when we started working on the book together, Dave and I have had a longstanding relationship working together, we were bouncing idea of what we wanted Guy Gardner to look like. We settled on a road warrior kind of look, crazy with a baseball bat, and the goggles, really tripped out.

Gallaher: He’s got the motorcycle as well. It was an opportunity to pay homage to the Guy Gardner: Warrior era, but take it in a totally different direction. So that was a lot of fun. Also, he really hates Hal Jordan, and we wanted an outfit that was visually representative of the fact that Hal Jordan is going to get an ass-whomping.

Guy Gardener Warrior

  1. Is that a spoiler for issue 2?

Gallaher: I’m not saying that it’s a spoiler, but you see it in the solicit that it says “Guy Gardner is pissed” and I think you can see that in issue one, no spoiler. But there will be monsters in Issue 2, I can say that.

Ellis: Yeah, I think you can.

Well thank you so much for your time guys.

Gallaher: No problem, it was a lot of fun.

Ellis: Thank you.

Once again, a big thank you to Dave and Steve for their time and insight into Convergence: Green Lantern Corps #1, a review of which will be featured in my upcoming Convergence Week 3 column. Also, a major thanks to the great staff at Comic Book Jones for allowing me to interview the guys during their signing. I’ve been to a lot of comic book shops in my time, and I can honestly say that the atmosphere there is second to none. If you’re in the NYC area and like comics I would definitely recommend dropping by there, especially this coming Saturday for Free Comic Book Day. Also stay tuned to us here at Comicsverse, as I have another interview from the same signing upcoming with Convergence: Suicide Squad/Convergence: Justice League writer Frank Tieri.

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