ALL WE EVER WANTED: STORIES OF A BETTER WORLD is an upcoming sci-fi anthology now live on Kickstarter! But don’t confuse it with doom and gloom dystopias. Instead, think more along the lines of BILL AND TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE or STAR TREK. It’s not a crime to paint a bright future.

all we ever wanted
Image courtesy of A Wave Blue World.

Published by A Wave Blue World, this anthology is full of amazing talent, such as Matt Miner, Tyler Chin-Tanner, Danica Brine, Eric Palicki, and so, so many more! The creators claim that these stories are “meant to inspire us and restore the belief that a better world is possible.” You won’t find any post-apocalyptic wastelands or a future void of happiness.

However, the Kickstarter for this amazing anthology hasn’t quite hit its $20,000 goal. And because the campaign ends on July 4, I highly suggest you check it out! If you’re still on the fence, here’s a little more to chew on.

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Positive Vibes vs. Trying Times

Science fiction is one of my favorite genres, but it can tend to feel pretty dark, especially when dealing with the future. Every day we see something new and horrific on the news, so the last thing I want to do is consume more negativity. When you’re already living in a dystopia, you kind of get tired of seeing how it could possibly get worse.

all we ever wanted
Image courtesy of A Wave Blue World.

Luckily, ALL WE EVER WANTED is chock full of positivity. With over 25 stories, you can definitely get your fix of uplifting science fiction. The preview images alone are super exciting, full of color and diversity. Even if there are hardships, the resolution isn’t completely grim.

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The reward tiers for this Kickstarter include a lot of goodies. Just the anthology itself is a treat, which you can get for $15 digital or $20 physical. Bump your contribution up to $40 and get additional comics such as THIS NIGHTMARE KILLS FASCISTS and signed bookplates. If you’re interested in more comics, $60 – $80 will get you additional titles from artists and writers involved in the project. And if you’ve got even more to spare, $100 includes a copy of the anthology as well as a sketch commission from one of the artists.

all we ever wanted
Image courtesy of A Wave Blue World.

The tiers are pretty simple and clean, which I appreciate because sometimes too many rewards can be overwhelming. But aside from the material perks, this is a great anthology to support. Not only will you be supporting a ton of amazing creators and an independent publisher, but you’ll be encouraging more positivity in a time of uncertainty. It’s easy to fall into a downward spiral when you think of the future. However, I think anthologies like ALL WE EVER WANTED are a good way to ease some of that existential dread.

Check out and support ALL WE EVER WANTED on Kickstarter by July 4th!

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