The magical and mundane communities are coexisting for the first time in thousands of years. As a result, a new kind of chaos has appeared that requires a different brand of hero. Enter Feathertop and his Shadow Players, a team of spies and investigators taken from our favorite fairy tales. But with the rise of new Fables around the world, will any of these Fables find their happily ever-after?

Set after the events of Bill Willingham‘s 150 issue epic FABLES, EVER-AFTER follows the Shadow Players as they investigate worldwide mystic phenomena. EVER-AFTER is written by Dave Justus and Lilah Sturges and explores a Fabletown now exposed to the mundanes. As a consequence, their magic has begun to affect the outside world. Bo Peep, Peter Piper, and Connor Wolf are the last line of defense, striking in secret to protect both worlds from growing magical threats.

EVER-AFTER #11 continues the events of the second story arc. In the heart of Plano, Texas, three teens have used magic artifacts to trap their high school in a time vortex. For those trapped, time is moving at exponential speeds. As minutes pass in the real world, years have passed for those inside. Meanwhile, the mother of one of the teens, Inola Tanner, has become the victim of a series of magical attacks. The Shadow Players have their hands full, as wraiths and decomposing cattle are coming for Tanner’s head.

EVER-AFTER #11 opens just outside of the Plano High School Vortex. Feathertop’s advisor, T.J. (short for Toad Junior), is busy decoding messages rushing out of the “Cube.” Of course, he has received hundreds, enough to reason that decades may have passed within. As T.J. makes froggy flirtations with Ms. Bass, Feathertop receives an emergency transmission from Bo Peep and Connor. The pair has encountered a snag, as a female wraith bears down on Inola Tanner. Bo hurries the stricken Tanner away, ordering Connor to distract the spirit. Afterward, Connor quickly warrants the wraith’s rage with a necrophilia quip. The Big Bad Wolf’s son joined the Shadow Players to direct his “Youthful Exuberance,” his innate need to punch or have sex with anything he encounters. His attraction to the undead creature makes complete sense.

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Meanwhile, Bo and Tanner escape the farmhouse, chased by ghostly floating heads of cattle. Meanwhile, the story finds solid ground as Peter Piper enters Inola Tanner’s house. Using a set of assumed magic eyeballs, Peter heads up the stairs of Tanner’s home. Despite his enhanced eyesight, he fails to see the threat looming in the shadows: a massive, clawed creature with glowing green eyes.

Above all, EVER-AFTER has been a roller coaster of action-packed thrills. While FABLES carried itself with a regal pace, EVER-AFTER truly explores the action-packed imagination of the modern fairy-tale landscape. As a result, EVER-AFTER #11 opens with a bang, fully exploring the characters we have grown to love in the last ten issues. The exploration of Bo Peep’s leadership and Peter Piper’s infiltration skills, followed with the electric realism of Travis Moore’s art, makes this magic spy thriller a must-read story.

EVER-AFTER: FROM THE PAGES OF FABLES #11 hits shelves July 5, 2017. Want to experience the magic early? Then dive into the full preview below!


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