DAMAGE #5 is an overall great comic. The artwork is exciting. The power of Damage and Poison Ivy is captured by the thrilling visuals. The story of Ethan fighting for control over Damage is interesting. Can the monster inside of him be used as a force for good?
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Can Ethan tame the beast within? Written by Diogenes Neves and Robert Venditti, DAMAGE #5 tells the pulse-pounding story of Ethan Avery, who not only must fight against Poison Ivy but with Damage as well. His internal struggle for control over the monster takes center stage in this issue. The visuals by the art team of Allen Passalaqua and John Trevor Scott are thrilling and capture how powerful these characters are. DAMAGE #5 is a must read!

Ethan Needs Weedkiller In DAMAGE #4

Beauty Versus the Beast in DAMAGE #5

DAMAGE #5 begins with Damage going up against Poison Ivy. The vines contract around Damage, knocking him unconscious. Ivy’s control over plant life looks spectacular in this opening scene. After he passes out, Ethan has a flashback to the military experimentation he was subjected to. While scientists discuss Damage’s one-hour limitations, he recalls a man telling him to “Remember the Unknown Soldier.”

I’m curious to see where his search for this “Unknown Soldier” leads him.

DAMAGE #5 Page 4. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment
DAMAGE #5 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Ethan is saved by a man named José. Because José saw him transform from a monster into a human, he believes Damage is the only one that can save his friends from Poison Ivy. But can this monster inside of him be used as a force for good? While this is going on, Colonel Jonas is still on the hunt for the on-the-loose science experiment. With the army still on Ethan’s trail, this adds a level of suspense to the plot.

At the end of this issue, Ethan tries to work with Damage as they face off against Poison Ivy and Grodd’s primate army. Will Ethan’s good conscience be enough to control the monster inside of him?

Exciting Art

In DAMAGE #5, the artwork is exciting. The double-page spread in the flashback scene is fantastic. Visually, Damage’s monstrous brute force looks like he can just crash through the page itself. The sheer ferocity of Damage is on full display, especially during the transformation sequence.

Also, the character designs are a real standout in DAMAGE #5. Poison Ivy looks fierce and extra venomous. With vines curling around her, Poison Ivy’s control over plant life looks fantastic. She’s so well drawn that she almost steals the spotlight from Damage. Artists Allen Passalaqua and John Trevor Scott really showcased these powerful characters with their artwork.

DAMAGE #5 Page 2. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.
DAMAGE #5 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Fight for Control

The real focal point of DAMAGE #5 is Ethan struggling to control Damage. His conversation with José changes his perspective on the beast inside him. Perhaps Damage can save lives instead of causing destruction. And perhaps Ethan has more control over the monster than he realizes. In terms of character development, Ethan is continuing to find his inner strength and overcoming struggles with Damage.

The lettering extenuates both Ethan’s and Damage’s voices inside his mind. The way the jagged red lines clash with the smooth blue ones is so representative of their connection to one another. It’s like the two distinct voices are fighting for mental dominance.

Does Poison Ivy Really Need Grodd?

I’ve been asking myself this question about the issue, though. At the end of DAMAGE #5, Grodd shows up with his primate army. To me, this feels like unnecessary overkill. Poison Ivy has been an amazing and terrifying antagonist so far. She transformed the plantation into a jungle. Also, she was able to take down Damage single-handedly. I’m not sure if Ivy really needs Grodd. She seems to be doing a fine job of causing chaos on her own. Maybe the next issue will clear up why these two villains are working together.

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Final Thoughts on DAMAGE #5

Overall, DAMAGE #5 is a great issue. The writing by Diogenes Neves and Robert Venditti is fantastic. It’s these small nuances in DAMAGE #5 that make for an interesting story. The flashback gives us insight into Ethan’s past and how Damage was created. Also, the artwork throughout the issue is visually exciting. I’m interested to see Ethan grow as a character and fight for control over Damage’s power. Can he change this “bomb on a leash” into a force for good?

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