Explore a new world with Valiant’s ETERNITY! Written by Matt Kindt and illustrated by Trevor Hairsine, ETERNITY takes us on a journey deep into the unknown. All because of a young child and a mysterious death.

Exploring the Tale

After the death of the Observer (an alien seer of past and future), a replacement is needed. Beings of the Unknown, a distant planet, take a child from humans Abram and Myshka to replace the Observer. Realizing their child was kidnapped, the parents, who both have special powers, go to the Unknown themselves.

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There, they find themselves in the middle of a war between the “past light” and the “future light.” In this war, everyone must pick a side. To avoid the conflict, Abram and Myshka move from place to place while looking for their child. While on their quest, Abram and Myshka learn a great deal about their place in the universe.


Following the Journey

Matt Kindt weaves a fascinating plot line in ETERNITY. The story moves in a non-linear fashion, jumping from place to place and time to time. Sometimes, these changes of time and place are through flashbacks. Other times, they’re foreshadowing for later events. Yet at times these jumps seem jarring. Sometimes, there’s no context for these jumps. However, this does not necessarily ruin the comic.

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ETERNITY redeems itself in its world building. Kindt creates a rich world for readers to travel through on their journey. Near the beginning, we see Doctor Tear learning of the Observer’s death. Next, he reaches out to a brotherhood of sorts. This implies that there is a government and order to this world. These little details tell a lot. Without straight-up telling us, the writing shows us that this world has a structure of its own.

While the plot is very interesting, the characters fail to drive it. We know very little about any of the characters. The only details we have are very simple and not representative of character traits. The future light are driven by a need to keep the universe together. The past light fight for an uncertain and changeable future. Abram and Myshka just want their baby back. While these are compelling motivations, they tell us little to nothing about the characters involved. Ultimately, the characterization leaves more to be desired.


Artistic Traits of ETERNITY

ETERNITY is full of stunning visuals. This art only improves the world building and increases readers’ immersion into the story. In addition, the illustrations give us a diverse cast of characters. From Myshka to the Observer, every character has a unique appearance. Additionally, the appearance goes beyond standard differences such as hairstyle. This diversity of character design keeps the reader’s eye constantly on the page, wondering what they’ll see next.

The main two human characters wear strange, ridged helmets and full body suits with cables attached to their bodies. Even with such unique character design, we still see other characters that catch our interest. The aliens of ETERNITY all look different from each other. Some have more human-like appearances. Meanwhile, others have features that set them apart completely from humans. Regardless, all the aliens have such a creative designs that readers can’t tear their eyes away from them.

Image courtesy of Valiant Entertainment.

David Baron’s color palette allows the comic’s fantasy aspects to fully come through. Vibrant colors show up in almost every part of the story. However, they are most vivid when we see the scenes taking place in the Unknown. This shows how the Unknown, while dangerous, is an amazing and dreamlike place.

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Coming to the End of a Journey

Due to the jumps in time, I found ETERNITY to be somewhat confusing. Nonetheless, it was a very entertaining read. While already interesting, the plot has the potential to be incredible! For me, this comic just needs more from the characters to bring it to greatness. Still, what readers are given makes for a eye-catching comic. A collection of all four issues of ETERNITY was just released on April 4th. Check it out here.

ETERNITY by Matt Kindt, Trever Hairsine, Ryan Winn, David Baron, Dave Lanphear
ETERNITY makes excellent use of world building. Through both plot and art, we learn a lot about this strange corner of outer space. However, the characterization could use some work. Overall, an interesting comic.
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