ETERNITY GIRL #6 by Magdalene Visaggio, Sonny Liew, Chris Chuckry, and Todd Klein
Though it's hard to say goodbye to this excellent series, ETERNITY GIRL #6 ends perfectly -- with hope. The characters step into their own, the story crescendos beautifully, and the art can't be matched. This book that addresses mental health in such a responsible manner sets a new standard in the industry, and I hope that more follow suit.
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Choosing Life

Not even ETERNITY GIRL could last forever. ETERNITY GIRL #6 brings the stellar series to an end, and in expert fashion. The main characters are more alive than ever before, the story will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final panel and the art is simply breathtaking. It seems like every page in this issue is poetic in every way, and the meaning is clear: Life is made of choices, and the ones you make for yourself are valid.

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Spoilers for the series’ conclusion ahead.

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ETERNITY GIRL #6 Leaves Us Thinking

This issue begins with a flashback of Dani and Caroline, presumably at the beginning of Caroline’s “administrative leave.” Dani suggests therapy, explaining that it worked for her. Caroline asks about Dani’s decision to “become someone else,” and whether or not it was difficult. Dani explains,

“It came down to a choice … Live or die. I chose to live.”

ETERNITY GIRL #6 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

It becomes clear later in the issue that this conversation is about Dani’s transition. It’s a relevant moment for her character, but also shows that she knows what Caroline is going through. She faces a similar challenge — to live or to die. Throughout the issue, we learn more about Dani than we ever have before.

She earns the privilege of saving Caroline — and the very fabric of reality — as she simply reaches out to her friend, offering help. She goes on this journey in every version of reality imaginable, always with the same goal.

The conversations between Caroline and Dani in ETERNITY GIRL #6 ring true in any situation where one friend is dissuading the other from suicide. These panels will hit home and seem familiar to many people. And with them, the ETERNITY GIRL team once again addresses the topic of mental health and suicide, furthering a conversation and eliminating stigma.

Hope & Development

In the end, Dani and Lord Crash save Caroline. But she isn’t quite the same. Crash explains the Lords of Order and Chaos to her, offering a new purpose. Seeing a chance to make up for some of the chaos she’s caused, she begins by giving Astrolas (who she destroyed in a previous issue) new life. Crash dubs her “Eternity Girl,” and they set out to rebuild the world.

ETERNITY GIRL #6 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

ETERNITY GIRL #6 continues to develop Caroline but really shapes Dani and Crash in ways readers hadn’t seen before. Writer Magdalene Visaggio seems to bring her own lived experience to the table with Dani, creating a realistic transwoman who is more complex than just her identity. With little (but improving) representation for the trans community in comics, this is a very meaningful development for the character.

What’s more, Dani shows just how incredible a friend she is to Caroline. She’s the best person in the universe to help Caroline, and that’s true in every reality. Many things change throughout these scenes, but one stays the same — Dani is there for Caroline.

As for Lord Crash, he steps into the role of mentor quickly and very well. It’s as if he’s done this before. Either way, he takes Caroline under his wing and gives her something to do with her new life, which is important in recovery of any kind. These three characters show readers how freeing and empowering it can be to choose life. This is an incredibly powerful final message for a book that so directly deals with mental health issues.

A Look to Remember

It’ll be a very, very long time before we find a book that looks quite like ETERNITY GIRL #6 again. Sonny Liew (pencils and inks), Chris Chuckry (colors), and Todd Klein (letters) are a team to be reckoned with, and I will miss their collaboration immensely.

ETERNITY GIRL #6 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The team absolutely shines in their character work in this final issue. The various versions of Dani are so intriguing, you could stare at each page for hours and still miss details. They’ve made her so vivid and alive, perfectly capturing a friend in distress.

Other highlights are Crash’s colorful attempt to stop Caroline from destroying everything, Madame Atom’s final defeat, and Caroline’s complete transformation after she chooses life.

Nothing Lasts Forever…

ETERNITY GIRL #6 is a perfect ending to an incredible series. While I’ll miss it, this story was told perfectly in six installments. It got its point across succinctly and made us fall in love with characters we could see ourselves in.

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We need more books like this — entertaining stories that break down the stigma of mental health. Because, while Caroline’s situation was pretty unique, many people face the precipice every single day. Without the right support system, she may not have chosen life.

The decision is not easy for many people. But books like this — that make people facing these challenges feel understood and less alone — could be a great tool in making it just a bit easier to make the same decision as Eternity Girl.

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