ETERNITY GIRL #4 by Magdalene Visaggio, Sonny Liew, Chris Chuckry, and Todd Klein
ETERNITY GIRL #4 seems to be a series of unrelated pop culture references, but it ties together to become a beautiful, dark, piece of art. The characters are vivid, the plot is extremely entertaining, and the art is an astonishing accomplishment. Unique and meaningful, the whole issue only takes place in a handful of moments. But their meaning is incredibly significant.
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Coming Together

Sometimes you cannot appreciate a work of art until you see it completed. Some stories don’t make sense until the end. ETERNITY GIRL #4 seems like a disjointed series of vignettes at first, but once all the threads come together at the end, you can see it for the wonderful, impactful comic that it is.

There’s a lot going on in this issue, and different people will cling to different elements. ETERNITY GIRL #4 comes over the mid-series hump swinging, and it’s most definitely a sign of greatness to come.

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ETERNITY GIRL #4 Crash Lands

Lord Crash is an interesting character, and definitely not the first person you’d expect to open ETERNITY GIRL #4. We only saw him for the first time in ETERNITY GIRL #3, and although he seems like an important character, we know very little about him. But in the opening pages of this issue, Lord Crash compares life and human nature to mixing records. It’s an unexpected, but extremely poignant metaphor that only gains meaning throughout the story.

The issue consists of many seemingly unconnected scenes, each paying homage to a different piece of pop culture. There are references to MAD MAX, THE PEANUTS, and more. The scenes do share a commonality in that the characters we’ve come to know over four issues are present in each vignette, and they all seem to end in death.

ETERNITY GIRL #4 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

As it turns out, this is a process of Caroline dying in every conceivable reality, all at once. As Madame Atom told her, it is the only way for her to truly die. The two women watch this process, while Rick Rex is saving Caroline on another plane of reality.

Caroline discovered that she is capable of fission in the last issue, and she’s started the process. But Rick puts a stop to it, saving both her and Manhattan in one swoop. At first, Caroline is angry at him for doing so without her consent, but she realizes that she put others in danger with her attempt to end her life, and she struggles with that notion. Perhaps this is the beginning of a larger realization for Caroline about her plan to end the universe.

A Journey Through Pop Culture

One of the most impressive parts of this issue is the art. The team of  Sonny Liew (pencils, inks, cover), Chris Chuckry (colors) and Todd Klein (letters) has worked their magic in six different art styles, each alluding to a different piece of pop culture history in addition to their traditional ETERNITY GIRL look.

Each of these scenes is instantly recognizable. There is no second guessing what the team was going for with each style. The most impressive, perhaps, is the PEANUTS section. The characters are absolutely precious in these pages, acting both like themselves and like the characters they are standing in for. The section pays homage to a classic, yet makes it fresh and new. It is simply a success on all levels.

ETERNITY GIRL #4 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

But the team brings their exemplary signatures back around towards the end of ETERNITY GIRL #4, grounding us in our home reality once more. It’s a very effective tactic, and it’s executed brilliantly here.

Suspended in Time

Though the concept is brilliant and each scene is wildly entertaining ETERNITY GIRL #4 doesn’t do much in the way of character development. The characters don’t seem to move forward in any meaningful way. The exception is Caroline, who seems to realize that her grand plan (or really, Madame Atom’s plan) is flawed.

That being said, there is good character work in ETERNITY GIRL #4. Even in all of these different settings and realities, writer Magdalene Vissagio never lets these characters slip. They are all very much recognizable in action and speech as much as in image. These characters are clear and presented brilliantly on the page.

ETERNITY GIRL #4 page 6. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The whole issue seems to take place in the span of moments, so it slows the plot down just a tad. However, the importance of these moments may not yet be apparent. Just like this issue, the true significance may become clear only at the end of the story.

Coming Together

ETERNITY GIRL #4 offers readers a number of strings that don’t seem to mean anything in isolation. But they thread together by the end of the issue, revealing a beautiful tapestry.

The story is dark, but it always has been. The realism of this book, in conjunction with the uncanny elements, makes it the kind of story that you don’t want to end. But everything must. And it looks like the payoff is going to be incredible.

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