At New York Comic Con 2016, we had the opportunity to interview Erica Schultz, who was gracious enough to take several minutes of her time to speak with us. Schultz is a comic book letter, writer, and editor who has written comics for DC (CHARMED and HAWKGIRL) and Marvel (REVENGE: THE SECRET ORIGIN OF EMILY THORNE), as well as M3, her creator-owned series. Schultz’s most well-known work is her SWORDS OF SORROW series with Dynamite Entertainment.

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Before Schultz became a comic book writer, she was the art director at an advertising agency based in New York City. On the side, Schultz worked as a graphic designer and illustrator at Continuity Studios, which was founded by Neal Adams. There she inked and colored comics like BATMAN: ODYSSEY, THE FIRST X-MEN, and many others. She has also worked with Marvel on the ASTONISHING X-MEN motion comic as an animator and her lettering credits include BATMAN ZOMBIE with Neal Adams, the aforementioned SWORDS OF SORROW series, BIG NEMO with Alan Moore, and more.

We talked about what it was like working with Gail Simone on SWORDS OF SORROW, her process when writing comic scripts, female lead characters that she would like to work on, artists that she would like to work with, participating in DC Comics’ first Writers Workshop, and some pearls of wisdom for aspiring comic book writers.

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You can check out Schultz’s creator-owned comic series at You can also follow her on Twitter @EricaSchultz42 where she tweets about her latest appearances. For everything else, including links to her comics, you can visit her personal website,


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