Erica Schultz interview at NYCC 2015

Like many others, Erica Schultz didn’t start her career in comic books. Once upon a time, she was an art director at an ad agency in New York. Now, she’s a notable writer, letterer, and editor for various works such as The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: A Documentary, or serving as an artist and “Motioneer” for the Astonishing X-Men motion comic. How and why did she make the transition? She is nice enough to talk to me about that. In addition, we discussed more fun things concerning her past work, future work. Her supportive personality among fellow creators in the comic book industry deserves high praise.

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Erica Schultz is one of the rare few that appears to enjoy working on her own original work. Additionally, she also enjoys working and enabling the enhancement of other people’s stories as am editor. We talked briefly about her original comic, M3. Vincent Alcázar and Erica produced M3. The story reminds us of a classic action-thriller of a cat-mouse, assassin-FBI relationship. Her ability to write for action thriller stories can also be seen in the original Revenge comic based on the acclaimed TV show.

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Erica Schultz, the Comic Creators Creator!

Although she is passionate about her own work, I find that Erica Schultz lovingly supports her peers and fellow creators. This, of course, makes her an integral part of any team she chooses to join. Additionally, it shows how sincerely interactive and helpful she is as an editor. As you can see in this interview, talking to her is an immense pleasure due to her clear appreciation for good storytelling. Erica has an open and inviting personality. Go ahead and gush over her great ideas and thoughts on the creative process!

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