You’re standing right next to a trolley that is about to hit five innocent people tied to the trolley tracks. You can’t set them free, but you can divert the trolley towards another set of tracks – to which only one person is tied. If this little thought experiment made you wonder “what would my favorite superhero do?” – you’re going to enjoy the 85th episode of the ComicsVerse Podcast.

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During his stay at the ComicsVerse office in New York, German ComicsVerse contributor Marius Thienenkamp co-hosted the podcast with ComicsVerse CEO Justin Alba. They were joined by Dellen Miller, Mark Hassenfratz, Mark Bouchard, and Gabrielle Beans. In this episode, they discuss how superhero comics portray ethical dilemmas — and in turn have their very own moral debates!

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Should we always save the highest number of people – no matter the cost? Do we have a moral responsibility to donate every cent we don’t need to survive to charity – and should superheroes spend every waking moment saving lives? Is there a limit to “Great Power and Great Responsibility?” As the podcasting crew delves deeper into complex moral questions, they consider moral theories by philosophers like Immanuel Kant and Jeremy Bentham.

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Superheroes have always been advocates for respecting and helping another, and they stop at nothing to save the lives of innocents. But what about non-human life? Our podcasters — whose personal dietary ethics range from vegans to omnivores — discuss the implications of speciesism and animal activism for superheroes and the superhero comic industry.

After listening to the podcast, make sure to sound off in the comments below about your feelings on comics and ethics!

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  1. meinmeme42

    December 6, 2016 at 2:11 am

    I took ethics at uni. I hated it. When I saw this podcast was 3 hours, I was pissed. Now look at me! I’m on my third round listening to it and getting something new from it each time I tune in! Congrats boys and girls! You have my favorite podcast in the States!


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