ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 79: Saga

SAGA has been described as STAR WARS meets GAME OF THRONES, which is a pretty amazing comparison considering those are two of the biggest franchises of the last 50 years–Thank goodness they didn’t put LORD OF THE RINGS in there too. However, I have to say that the story of Alana and Marko’s struggle to protect their forbidden child and love as they run across the galaxy is more than up to the challenge.

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Told from the future in voiceover by Alana and Marko’s child Hazel, SAGA is the story of Alana and Marko’s struggle to protect their daughter from a world that wants to rip them apart. Why do they want to rip them apart? Because Alana is from a Landfall, a planet where the people have wings, and Marko is from Wreath, a moon of Landfall where the people have horns. These two people have been at war since anyone can remember. So long that the rest of the universe has even gotten involved and taken sides.

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There are more creatures than I can name in this short post, but SAGA is more than just fantastical and beautiful creatures rendered gorgeously by Fiona Staples. SAGA is an epic story about the ways that cultures and prejudices clash. It is a story about the lengths that people will go to to protect their families. It is a story about pregnancy and the unexpected and pointless nature of death. SAGA is a story about life itself and what it truly means to live. In this podcast with guests Pete Imbesi, Matthew Murphy, Brad Sloan, and Phil Casey we discuss all this and more. So sit back and relax while ComicsVerse discusses Brian K. Vaughan’s and Fiona Staples’ epic space opera, SAGA.

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  1. Steve

    November 17, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    I’m sure nobody cares or will even read this cuz the episode is two years old but I made it halfway and had to delete this episode because the curse bleeping eagle sound was going to make me jump off of a goddamn cliff. If you don’t want to curse on your podcasts that’s fine, but then jsut don’t curse. Why you picked the most annoying sound I’ve ever heard to cover over certain words when you have 7 bleeps in one sentence because you’re talking about fucking I almost threw my fucking phone against the wall. I love your podcast, I do, but please for the love of god stop doing that. Go back and listen to the episode and hear for yourselves how maddening it is. I promise I’m not trying to be a (EAGLE SCREAM) but I legit was going to lose my fucking mind and had to turn it off


    • Justin Gilbert Alba

      November 21, 2018 at 2:43 pm

      Hi Steve! Don’t worry! We stopped using that annoying sound from the X-Men Animated Series cartoon like 2 podcasts after this 🙂 So I promise you have at least 40 episodes w/o ever having to hear it hehe….


      • Steve

        November 21, 2018 at 2:55 pm

        Haha well I’ll have to wait til I get to those prior to rendering judgement, but I appreciate the response and promise that I’m not bailing on the pod


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