In every medium, there’s a “guilty pleasure.” It’s a work that audiences feel ashamed for enjoying. You know what we’re talking about, listeners! You can’t hide your love of DATING NAKED from us! Luckily for you, this is a no judgment zone. In fact, on this week’s episode of the ComicsVerse podcast, our contributors actually discuss their guilty pleasures in comics and whether or not there should be a negative connotation to the term, “guilty pleasure”, at all.

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Managing editor Miss Jamie Rice leads Phil Casey, Bob Franco, Matthew Murphy, and Tim O’Reilly in a discussion of four different titles, each representing one of their biggest comic book guilty pleasures. The titles featured in this week’s episode include SUNSTONE by Stejpan Seijic, JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS by Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell, ARCHIE VS PREDATOR by Alex De Campi and Fernando Ruiz, and ALL STAR BATMAN & ROBIN by Frank Miller and Jim Lee. With genres ranging from BDSM romance to pop music, it’s hard to imagine how any common ground was found.  Yet, despite these different tastes, a lot of really interesting opinions and questions came out of the discussion. How do we feel about all of these guilty pleasures? Are they okay? Bad? Good? What makes these pleasures guilty anyway?  Do we feel shame for liking these titles? What makes a guilty pleasure “guilty”? Do you feel comfortable recommending your guilty pleasure to friends and family?

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As comics become more popular in today’s society with the current surge in superhero movie properties, it’s hard to imagine a time when the medium as a whole was a guilty pleasure. However, at ComicsVerse, all of our contributors have had a passion for comic books long enough to remember when it was looked down upon to be a fan. We’re sure many of you can as well. That’s why it’s so important to discuss our guilty pleasures. While it’s more accepted to be a reader now, there are still a lot of fans who feel like the things they love are embarrassing. With this podcast, we hope to end that stigma and get people talking more about the titles they enjoy!

The Guilty Pleasure episode of the ComicsVerse podcast is here, so give it a guilt-free listen. We hope you enjoy.

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