DC Comics has a long and storied history–no pun intended.  However expansive their catalog of characters may be, DC’s biggest headliners have always been the members of The Justice League, and of the League’s ranks, the true ringleaders are DC Comics’ most well-known trinity: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

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A week before the release of BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, ComicsVerse got together to discuss these three heroes, examining ways the characters have met, fought, and interacted throughout more than 75 years of DC Comics history.  From first meetings in the TRINITY trade paperback to retirement and childrearing after Armageddon in KINGDOM COME, ComicsVerse follows the three heroes through their storylines, highlighting the teamwork, friendship, and respect that the three share.

With lots of room for speculation about the movie (it’s interesting to see how different expectations were in comparison to the reality of the film), ComicsVerse even focuses some attention on THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS and HUSH, focusing on Batman and Superman as adversaries.  It’s always a treat to see these two titans go at it, so we just had to dive into some of their most violent encounters.

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With some truly incredible stories, ComicsVerse spends a lot of time dissecting and analyzing these characters and how each sees the world in a different way.  Of course, Batman is our point of view character since he is the only one who truly belongs to the world of humanity.  Superman and Wonder Woman, on the other hand, have to reconcile their otherness to protect a people to whom they don’t belong.  This all brings up another question entirely–what is it to be a human, and what is it to be a hero?

With lots more to explore, please join ComicsVerse as we explore Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, DC’s holy trinity.


  1. AJ Zender

    May 4, 2017 at 5:05 pm

    With regard to the Batman Vs. Superman conversation (I know this podcast is from a while back), I think it is interesting looking at the New 52 Batman Vol. 7. When Batman is in his “Justice Buster” Mech Suit, he has planned for all of these contingencies and built a mech that can take each Justice League member out individually. But what he didn’t plan for with Superman was a loss of morality. He says that every contingency he built for Supes was put in place for the his best friend, Superman with his moral center in place. The Superman he got was under the Joker’s control and with no inhibitions, and this Superman is unafraid to bring buildings down to kill Batman.


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