It is not often that a comic event comes that redefines a title, a publisher, or a universe.  Events in the comic book world often equate to highly publicized ways to reboot a series without stopping any continuity.  However, not all crossover events are used as reboots, and one stands above all others as a shining example of a major crossover event that actually holds some ongoing and lasting importance to the characters and creators of the comic book universe.  That crossover event is CIVIL WAR, the Marvel crossover that shook the very foundations of 60 plus years of Marvel history and redefined the rules of the universe for the characters within.

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The main event was written by Mark Millar, but, as major crossovers go, the full event spanned nearly every ongoing title that Marvel had at the time, so to call it anything less than a team effort is to exclude a lot of deserving creators.  There was something for everyone, and every character had their own chapter in the saga.

While we did choose this event for a podcast because of its excellence, we also chose it because of how topical it is right now in the world of Marvel Comics. In Marvel’s recent SECRET WARS event, we got the chance to explore the possible alternate history that might have come about had this event not ended in the way it had.  CIVIL WAR II will also be happening in the upcoming months, once again pitting hero against hero over a new moral dilemma, making the original all the more important, and the most highly public version of this story, however, is without a doubt CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, which adapted elements of this story for the big screen.

By the way, since the podcast was recorded prior to the release of the movie, there’s plenty of speculation about what might occur in the film’s runtime.  Enjoy seeing what we got right and wrong, and follow along with us as we explore one of the most divisive comic book events ever written: Marvel’s CIVIL WAR!

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