Hey Millennials, I know it seems the 1980’s were, like, ten million years ago, and you seem to dislike Hillary Clinton way more than I do, but can’t we cross the Generation Y/Millenial border and all agree that comics are in need of more diversity even if we disagree on how we achieve it? One answer seems like the NEW MUTANTS.

Consequently, allow me to be your comics historian for a moment if you don’t mind, but first, some questions…

  • First of all, do you love Deadpool?
  • Therefore, are you excited to see Cable in the next Deadpool movie?
  • Isn’t Emma Frost totally kick-ass?
  • Excited for FX’s new show Legion?
  • Wondered where Magik (Illyana Rasputin) came from?
  • Finally, don’t comics need more diverse characters that are portrayed three-dimensionally?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the preceding questions and you haven’t read volume 1 of Chris Claremont and Bob McCleod’s NEW MUTANTS, the first X-Men spinoff ever, then what the hell are you waiting for?

  • First of all, NEW MUTANTS contains the first appearance of Cable (NEW MUTANTS #87).
  • DEADPOOL debuts in this comic (NEW MUTANTS #98).
  • Furthermore, Emma Frost is wonderfully fleshed out as a villain. She’s amazing as the headmistress of a team of mutants rivaling the X-Men and New Mutants.
  • Most noteworthy, Legion debuts as the autistic and disassociative son of Professor Charles Xavier.
  • Magik had a soul and was actually rather charming and sweet (NEW MUTANTS #15).
  • Diversity? What comic book team roster today probably compares to Native American and Vietnamese female team leaders with a team consisting mostly of women? Answer: #None.

Why You Need NEW MUTANTS in Your Life

What’s the moral of this story? NEW MUTANTS volume 1 is the greatest comic you probably never read. It tackles issues of racism, globalism, and sexuality in addition to mental health, and growing up with incredible and groundbreaking art from Bob McCleod, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Rob Liefeld. Most noteworthy, this comic was a beacon and precursor to the kind of forward thinking that would come to be a definitive aspect of comics culture. Therefore, read it.

In conclusion, read it, but first, listen to this podcast.

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