At ComicsVerse, we have talked before about BLANKETS by Craig Thompson when it was featured as a topic in a podcast on our ‘Comics We’re Thankful For’ series. Still, we felt there was more to peel back and discover about this moving story. That’s why we have picked up this beautifully illustrated book once again. In this podcast, we dive deep into this ground-breaking graphic novel. Discussing the book are Kathy Wisneski, (Ms.) Jamie Rice, Chris Massari, Brian Delpozo, Angela Yih and me, Chris Galvin, in my very first ComicsVerse podcast!

BLANKETS is an autobiographical look at Craig Thompson’s life, his slow drift away from his Christian upbringing and his first love, Raina. This thought-provoking story of an awkward teen and the lessons he learns along the way deals with themes of love, loss, art, hope, faith, and family. The story poses some tough questions without offering easy answers, yet it offers an eye-opening look at life and perspective.

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Our discussion of this book led us to reflect and share our own experiences of love, faith, religion and relationships with our families while growing up. One of the biggest draws of the story is the author’s relationship with Raina, a girl he builds a relationship with before spending two weeks with her and her family. We looked at how Craig Thompson perceived her versus how she actually was in reality. As an artist, he uses his art to express his feelings about her and at times creates this heavenly creature that cracks under scrutiny. BLANKETS is an honest look at Craig Thompson’s life and the difficult truths he learns along the way. His art style in telling this story is beautiful, told in whimsical inks. He uses no color, which only makes the story more involving.

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen and make your own mind up! Leave us a few comments, and please post this around the web!

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One Comment

  1. Regrano

    October 28, 2016 at 3:03 am

    Craig’s “pee” war with his brother is hilarious. His spiritual/religious quest is amazing. His first love is romantic, touching, and quite surprising in the end.
    In short, Blankets is brilliant.


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