Welcome to another entry of the ComicsVerse podcast, “Interns Take Over!”  This podcast series allows members of the ComicsVerse staff and interns to dedicate episodes to storylines and collections of their choosing. For my pick, I decided to go with BATGIRL: BATGIRL OF BURNSIDE (which collects issues #35 – #40 of the current BATGIRL and material from DC COMICS SECRET ORIGINS #12) series co-written by Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher, with art by Babs Tarr over layouts by Stewart.

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I’ve been an avowed fan of the re-launch since it began, hence why I suggested it in the first place. However, the other members of the panel bring completely different perspectives to our analysis. Both Alex Katz and Josh Cui have extensive familiarity with the New 52 Bat-Verse and were wary of the new approach in BATGIRL. On the other side of the spectrum, neither Jamie Rice nor Kay Honda had previously read any Batgirl comics but had a lot of things to say!

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Bringing together all these various viewpoints, we were able to examine all facets of the collection including the plot, Babs Tarr’s artwork, the changes to Barbara Gordon’s characterization, the Burnside setting, the villains, the supporting cast, the book’s use of social media and hipster culture and Batgirl’s new costume. Also, we examine several of the controversies that have erupted around the arc, including the controversial character Dagger Type and the changes made to his issue for the collection, and the idea of Barbara Gordon drinking and having a hangover. We even take a slight detour to discuss the controversy surrounding the aborted BATGIRL #42 Killing Joke variant cover controversy.

We had a great time recording this and hope you all have a very good time listening to it, whether you’re a Batgirl super-fan or a novice.

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The following members of the ComicsVerse team make up the panel of this podcast:

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