It’s not everyday that you get to participate in one of your first ever podcasts when you have been loving podcasts for years AND you get to do it on one of your favorite comic books ever written. So if I sound a little excited chock it all up to that, but without further ado this is the BITCH PLANET podcast which stars me, Jamie Rice, and my fellow bitches Brian Delpozo and Kathy Wisneski. Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick with art by the amazing Valentine De Landro, BITCH PLANET is a story set in the not so distant future about a group of women that have been sent anyway to the Auxiliary Compliance Outpost a.k.a. Bitch Planet for offenses that range from obesity to non-compliancy.

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I think it’s pretty clear from that description what exactly BITCH PLANET is in dialogue with, but if you have an ever growing desire to listen to people talk about the metaphorical resonances of science fiction and what exactly it means to be an angry feminist than this certainly the podcast for you. With only four issues printed (but five is coming very soon!), BITCH PLANET has already managed to take note of many different tropes, and as my favorite Bitch Brian dutifully noted it doesn’t make a joke of a trope, but instead takes a trope and makes it feel real (I know it sounds complicated, but if you listen to the podcast I know it will be more clear).

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We also got a chance to talk about what makes Valentine De Landro’s art simultaneously smartly retro and real, and about the ways that BITCH PLANET is a large operatic metaphor while at the same time being a completely realistic reflection of the way that women are treated by men and the way women treat each other in our patriarchal society. If for some reason you have not read BITCH PLANET and are curious about whether or not there is anything there then this is a great podcast to listen to or if you read it and didn’t feel like you got anything out of it I have to say that this conversation enriched me as someone who has read the comics more than once. Basically, it’s worth a listen and all non-compliant bitches are welcome.

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