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If you haven’t picked up Warren Ellis’ cycle of MOON KNIGHT or his new original series, INJECTION, you’re not only missing out on some quality, innovative storytelling, but you’re also behind on some fantastic artists. Here at ComicsVerse, we had the good fortune of sharing some podcast time with artist, Declan Shalvey, to discuss his art education, artistic process, and personal philosophies. Not only does he share his artistic achievements and endeavors with his current girlfriend and colorist partner, Jordie Bellaire, but he also has been honored to have the Warren Ellis (TRANSMETROPOLITAN, SUPREME: BLUE ROSE) come to him to collaborate. And on top of that, they share the title as co-creators.

INJECTION is oft described as beautifully drawn, with just the right amount of withholding in storyline. Ellis, not formally known as a classic storyteller, uses his writing chops and fully utilizes Declan Shalvey’s individualistic art style to tell a unified and new kind of story: something gorgeous and not easily digestible. But with this challenge comes a beautiful ease in Declan Shalvey’s lines and Jordie Bellaire’s excellent color work. It’s very clear that the teamwork here with these three individuals is a rare and unique one that should continue to be revisited.


In this podcast, we go in-depth with Declan Shalvey’s experience as a working artist. At the base of all his experience and talent, he is a man looking to do what we all strive to fulfill: to create something original. Having been recognized as a favored newcomer artist by the Eagle Award group in 2010, Declan Shalvey has taken the last five years to great new heights for his career, as well as his integrity as an artist. During this podcast, we talk a lot about his compatible relationship with Ellis, as well as his tangential ponderings on what it means to be an artist in the industry as well as in life. Shalvey—although terribly modest—is self aware of his ability and desire to create something as an artist that he can call his own, having always known that he was going to draw for comics, even through his time at an art school that had no specialization for such a thing. Despite all the typical, self-effacing artistic nature of Declan Shalvey’s person, there is still an admirable confidence in the work that he’s doing and a clear prioritization to doing art for himself.

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image of Declan Shalvey

Declan Shalvey is best known from his work on the recent MOON KNIGHT relaunch with Writer Warren Ellis for Marvel Comics. He has worked on many other series for Marvel such as VENOM and DEADPOOL as well as work with other publishers such as CONAN for Dark Horse Comics and NORTHLANDERS for DC/Vertigo. This current series is a creator owned project with Ellis called INJECTION, published by Image Comics.


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